Upgrade choices

Hello All,

I need some expert opinions on a TT upgrade. I am considering the following:

-Pro Ject RM 9.2 (used)
-JA Michell Technodec
-Origin Live Aurora MKII Turntable (w/Audio Origami modded RB250 arm)
-Clearaudio Concept
-Pro-Ject RM5.1SE Turntable

I want to keep my budget around $1500-$1600. I have two carts that I could use, both with very little use; an Audio Technica 33EV and a Denon Dl-103R. My modest setup of current equipment I will be using this table with is a:

-Custom JWN Tube Amp with 4 Shuguang 6CA7 Treasures and all NOS rectifiers, etc.
-Dared SL2000a Preamp w/Psvane 12AT7's and a Brimar rectifier
-Highly modded Cambridge Audio 640p phono pre
-Technics SL1200 MKII (modded with a Sumiko MMT tonearm, Audioquest cable, Applied Fidelity Gen II bearing, and Isonoe footers)
-Snell Acoustics Type IIE speakers on custom stands

Any input will be greatly appreciated. I just want to be sure that I am making a positive leap forward and not a lateral move over my modded SL1200.
You didn't say what you would like to improve. I am no expert, but it seems to me that you might be better off by further upgrading the Technics, the arm, the cartridges and the phono stage. Unless you just want to try something different.
I agree with Inna - I don't think any of those tables is going to be a significant improvement over the Technics - which is a highly regarded table even before being modded. I'd look at a cartridge upgrade instead.
I am sorry, I was a little unclear. I was looking for a possible turntable upgrade. I am also thinking of further upgrades on the Technics.