I would like to upgrade my CDP. I have a Music Hall 25.2 currently but it just is not doing it for me. I have tried adding a Bel Canto DAC but IMO it did not take me to another level. Current system:

Musical Fidelity A5 integrated
Energy Veritas 2.3I Speakers
MH 25.5 CDP

Thinking about:

Rega Apollo / Saturn
Raysonic 125
Musical Fidelity A5
Sim audio
Audio Aero


Harem Scarem
Frank Marino
Robin Trower
Al di Meola
Widespread Panic
Micheal Schenker Group
Larry Carlton
Porcupine Tree

Most of my music as you can see is guitar drivin. I would prefer used, budget about $1500.00 or ideas for holding out for a higher end unit.
I would add an eastern electric minimax vacuum tube player to your list of options.Great player and the headphone jack in the minimax is amazing.
I've had the Rega Apollo and it is is very good but lacks some bass which you may or may not like. I've had a dozen others but that is the only one on your list except for the one I own now: Audio Aero Prima mk2. I love my Prima. It isn't analytical like many digital sources (I don't care for clinical CD sound), has great bass foundation to give correct tone, a rich and detailed midrange, super good timber (important to me), and a wonderful top end that is detailed and exciting but not in your face or bleached out. I have yet to try an A5 although I really want to. Good luck and have fun!

Do a search on the Cambridge Audio AZUR 840c. This is getting alot of buzz and has a digitil in as a bonus (use a computer as a source). A new one just sold on Audiogon for $1200.
In this price range, you should check out the Cambridge Audio 840c that Harley at TAS raved about. While I don't agree it's the best under $5k, I do think it punches well out of it's price range. With digital inputs and outputs, it also offers a lot of flexibility...
Ditto the Audio Aero Prima. You can get one used within your stated budget. Sweet player
What about upgrading your 25.2 from Partsconnexion or Underwood? It really makes a huge difference. I had it done and the new unit sounds nothing like the old one, cleaner, quieter, amazing silence when there should be, a little more warmth, depth and much more clarity.
The Apollo is a very musical CDP. Notice, I said musical not audiophile. I have it and love it. You may also want to look for a very clean Jupitor, which I also own and use in another system.

Good luck,
Ditto again on the Audio Aero Prima, but I'm biased as an AA owner. The Rega's also have a strong, enduring following. Another player to consider that is not on your list is the Arcam CD 23.
The sim i5.3 player might be cheaper than the aero prima.Never had the luxury of hearing one though(looks super sweet).I have sim equinox for now.Nice sounding player.Sim or audio areo...gets my vote.good luck.
In your price range you can possibly snag a used Ayre
CX-7e CD player. I also agree with the poster above that the Arcam FMJ 23 would be another option, and that would only run you $750 used. I've had both and preferred the Ayre but could easily live with the Arcam unit.
Am I chasing my tail? Which one of the cdp listed in this thread would best playback a combination of redbook cd’s and cdr’s?
It's hard, isn't it.

The decision all comes down to personal taste.

Pick one, and buy a used version. If you don't like it, resell and move to the next one on your list...

BTW, my pick under $1500 would be a used Modwright Sony 999ES with tube rectified power supply.
I have been without a cdp for some time and in the market, I have tried some of the cdp listed in this thread with some degree of success but nothing that really made me sit up and take notice. I have been reviewing some old threads and just not sure which way to leap first. I see there are many highly reviewed dacs, transports and the like. In the market today is it more cost effective to purchase an inexpensive cdp used as a transport and a nice dac? Or just go with a nice quality cdp right out the gate? Also are there some dacs that are not computable with cdp? I would prefer to purchase used and a budget of $1000.00. Thank you,

cdp I have owned:
Music Hall 2.5
Audio aero
Arcam fmj23
Current setup:
Portal Panache Int. Amp
Daber Audio speakers
If you're out a cd player, I've been very pleased with the Cambridge Audio Azur 650C. This should perform better than your former MH CD2.5. Sadly, if you want a significant jump over that, I believe you'll be looking at at least twice your budget—used. Perhaps take the 1k and get the CD player I suggested, used. Then use what's left over to buy a decent pair of interconnects (e.g., Kimber PBJ interconnects, also used) unless you already have a decent set of interconnects. (I have such a pair, if you're interested).

Why not get a digital streamer instead and keep your current CDP as a backup?
Have you considered the Distinction line of TEAC? I believe it is an upgrade from the PD-H600, which I have. They're kind of like Esoteric light and should sound wonderful.

At a nearby audio salon, we swapped out a top of the line Ayon CDP for my TEAC in a 6 figure tube system and all that was really missing was a small amount of body and that was about it. We ended up listening to the entire CD and forgot about that missing body after a minute or so, enjoying the music. I don't feel I really gave up anything considering the massive price difference.

There are others out there, besides TEAC that would work in your system. You just have to see about auditioning some more players. Good luck.

All the best,
I would second Mattkimb96's advice and recommend the Ayre CX-7e which should be available used for about $1500. It compares very well with players costing much more, in my opinion.