Upgrade cdp

I am thinking of upgrading from my Nad 542 C. The rest of my system is Forte Model 6 amp, Anthem Pre 1 preamp and Infinity recapped RSIIs. I am thinking about either a Jolida JD-100 or a Cambridge 840. Anyone have any experience with both or either of these units? I listen to jazz, blues, JT, "the Boss", Mark Knopfler, etc.

Any input is appreciated
Thanks, MBeigh
Sorry no experience with the two you are considering but how did you like the NAD C542? I had the C541i for quite some time. What about staying with NAD and upgrading to the M5 Master Series? This machine can do it all (SACD, HDCD, separate power suppliers for digital/analog, etc). Reviews of the M5 are all highly positive and rave about this unit. Have you auditioned these yet? Don't decide until you've listened to the NAD M5.
The JAS Audio Musik 1.2, with a tube output stage and rectifier, is a nice upgrade from the NAD if you can find it. Mind you I'm talking about the NAD 541 which I have as well, so if the 542 is a mile and a half better than that, I didn't say anything.
The Jolida JD-100 is a nice CDP. You can pursue various upgrade paths and/or engage in tube rolling to see if you can make it even better for your needs. It is certainly not the absolute statement in resolution, even with the level one upgrade, but it is a surprisingly musical CDP for the $. Hope this helps. Good luck.
I'd consider keeping your CDP to cover your present library and going digital. That's my next move. Tremendous advances in that area. FWIW, my musical tastes aren't too far off from yours.

Good Luck
I had the NAD C542 - a good player for the money. I now have a JD-100 Lvl 1 Underwood player and love it. Much more musical and engaging. I got mine on Agon used for about $700. Very happy with it an your can tube roll also. Also has head phone jack and volume pot. Nekver heard the 840c but my brother has one and is very happy with it versus the C542 he had. Good luck
Yes, to a blu ray player. SonyStyle recently had the 560 for $110 shipped. Great value, and great sound since you can go optical to the amp.
BTW I have heard the 840C and while it was certainly a step up from my NAD 541 -- a big step -- in terms of resolution, I was not thrilled with its sound, which I thought analytical and hyper-detailed. YMMV and so might mine if I had spent a bit more time with it; my point is that your own sonic preference should be your guide here.