Upgrade Carver to Tube Carver question.

I have a nice rebuilt Carver TFM 45. It's dead quite. I have Focal Kanta 3s & a PS Audio BHK preamp.  No vinyl just a Rotel CD player & streaming for now.  Aside from my mediocre sources what improvement could I expect from a Carver 275 or the 350 tube amp?  Room is 16x25 if it matters.
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I am running the Carver M350 amps with my Focal Sopra 2's. Much better than the Pass Labs or Atmasphere amps prior. Very nice combination.

Thanks ozzy, Glad to hear that.
I don't  care what people say about Bob Carvers business practices, I have always loved  his equipment for Phase Linear, to Mt 500 amps ,to built in Sunfire subwoofer amps.
Slow down limomangus...
I am also curious about the Bob Carver tube amps. The prices are fair and the warranty is good as well, but looking to the distant past, I owned the Phase Linear 2000 Preamp, and it was a miserable, thin sounding piece of junk really. Pretty as it was, when I finally opened it before throwing it away, it was nearly empty! There were a couple of green printed circuit boards and a bit of wire. It could have been 90% smaller.
I do believe that things have changed.  
I do remember a Carver pre I had yrs ago. I tried an inexpensive Rotel & it was like the fog lifted. I ran the Rotel until I got the BHK pre & the fog lifted again. much better.