Upgrade Carver to Tube Carver question.

I have a nice rebuilt Carver TFM 45. It's dead quite. I have Focal Kanta 3s & a PS Audio BHK preamp.  No vinyl just a Rotel CD player & streaming for now.  Aside from my mediocre sources what improvement could I expect from a Carver 275 or the 350 tube amp?  Room is 16x25 if it matters.
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I just sent an email to the man himself. Bob will know.
You would hear a huge improvement from either the 275 or 350,
they are world class amps!
 If you have the means for the crimson 350 monos’
 jump on them!

@Ozzy should chime in soon

 your gear is nothing to scoff at, good stuff, the Carver crimson 350s’ will boost your ear candy to the upper reaches of audio.

 They have been on my (buy now) list for years, been saving for a while, as soon as the scratch is available, they are mine!

  Call/email his website, he will reply to you, regarding the serious questions.

 I wrote Mr. Carver a while back regarding the sunfire sig, he personally responded to me, I printed the email for proof and fandom!

@fertguy I'm sure Bob Carver will sell you an amp!
I've always been a Carver guy & when I saw you could buy the 350s on a 3 year same as cash I'm thinking, why not.
I am running the Carver M350 amps with my Focal Sopra 2's. Much better than the Pass Labs or Atmasphere amps prior. Very nice combination.

Thanks ozzy, Glad to hear that.
I don't  care what people say about Bob Carvers business practices, I have always loved  his equipment for Phase Linear, to Mt 500 amps ,to built in Sunfire subwoofer amps.
Slow down limomangus...
I am also curious about the Bob Carver tube amps. The prices are fair and the warranty is good as well, but looking to the distant past, I owned the Phase Linear 2000 Preamp, and it was a miserable, thin sounding piece of junk really. Pretty as it was, when I finally opened it before throwing it away, it was nearly empty! There were a couple of green printed circuit boards and a bit of wire. It could have been 90% smaller.
I do believe that things have changed.  
I do remember a Carver pre I had yrs ago. I tried an inexpensive Rotel & it was like the fog lifted. I ran the Rotel until I got the BHK pre & the fog lifted again. much better.