Upgrade Cardas Quadlink spk. to Cross or Neutral?

Enjoy current system with Cross IC and Quadlink 5C speaker cable. Could use a bit more detail, mid-bass clarity,
and maybe a bit more upper end extension. Will the Cross
speaker cable give me this or could I consider going to
Cross Neutral speaker? Have heard that the Neutral speaker cable is not as 'ruthless' as the Neutral IC, so this could be a good thing. Cross and Neutral are close in price. I use an Ayre AX-7e integrated with Rega and Linn speakers.

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I would recommend either the Cardas Hexlink 5C or even better the Cardas Golden Cross. I've had the Quadlink, the Hexlink and the Golden Cross, and the Golden Cross will give you the best sound. I would not bother with the Cross or the Neutral.