Upgrade cables for Linn Ekos arm???

I have a Linn Sondek W/Lingo power supply, trampolin suspension, Ekos arm, and Benz Glider cartridge. My dealer said not to replace the Linn cables, but they don't appear to be too substantial. Has anyone upgraded the cable on their Linn Ekos arm? Any recommendations? (I have Cardas Cross interconnects and Golden Cross speaker cable w/ Pass Aleph 3 amp, Aleph P pre-amp, and a Lehmann Black Cube phono pre-amp. Thanks...
I would not advise changing the cable. For reasons unknown, it seems that stock Linn tonearm cables work best with Linn tonearms. It is more that adequate, believe me. If I were you, I would look more towards upgrading your phono stage and possibly cartridge (IMHO). Not that what you have is bad by any means, but that would be the definite route to improvement.
I have a similar LP 12, only fitted with a Linn cartridge (Klyde right now) and going into the Linn Linto phono preamp. Changed the tonearm cable to AQ Emeral X3 about 4 months ago. Subjectively, seemed to extend bass response and make the treble smoother. However, not a night and day sort of difference. Did only beacuse the AQ cable was a great deal at $ 100 (this is when the Emerald was being discontinued and the new line coming out, I bought the last one AQ had in their warehouse!). But..would I buy a cbale in the $ 300 and up range? Probably not. Money would be better used on a better support, acoustic treatments, a better cartridge, etc.