Upgrade Cables?

I recently switched from separates to integrated amp and now find myself with two 1 meter pairs of Transparent Music Link Super interconnects. I have an SCD-777ES, Rowland Concentra, and Aerial speakers. I am thinking that I could get rid of the two pairs and buy one for the SACD-Integrated connection. Currently, using one of the Transparents, I find the sound just slightly cool. Any "better" (I put in quotes because I realize it is very subjective) cables out there that you recommend? (I am hoping someone - by chance - might have experience with all these items....)
jimmy....dave smith 'calloway' here.i have a similar setup to yours in that i have integrated amps ( tenor 75wi ) and an scd-1 to go with my piega p10 speakers.when i made the switch from my previous set-up,i too,had extra ics.i have used transparent ics in the past and,at the time,liked them.i recently made a complete cables system change,going from nordost 'valhalla' speaker cables and audio tekne ics to HMS 'gran finale' ics and speaker cables.i did a valhalla system vs hms system comparison and,in my system,the hms cables were slightly better,at a considerable cost savings.i think they are the best cables i have heard.even adding just ics made a great difference (improvement) in sonics but the total system is amazing.the ics run about $1k for a 1m pair,which isn't cheap,but if you have 2 pair of the transparents to sell you would come out pretty good. the hms cables come with a 30 day money back guarantee and are burned-in on a audiodharma cable cooker before reaching you.hope this helps...they are great,imo.