upgrade cables

Hi, anyone can give me some advise about cables? i am having below systems, would like upgrade some cables in RCA, Balance, power cables and Speaker cables. which kind of cables should i get to get better perform in my system?

Amp's - Parasound - Halo A21 Two-Channel Amplifier
Pre-amp - Parasound - Halo P3 Balanced Preamplifier
CD - Onkyo C-7030 Compact Disc Player (Black)
Power: Monster HTS 3600 MKII 10-Outlet Power Center with Stage 3 Clean Power

a few people are referring Signal cables to me, i checked they have regular line, Analog Two, and Silver Resolution. i am not sure what they are difference? and which one should good for mine starting?
I highly recommend the Signal Cable Silver Resolutions. Been using them for years now. I have the same power amp as you - Parasound A21. The difference between these and the Analog Two, is that the Silvers have better resolution and imaging. They bring out more details on a recordings than the Analog 2. At the same time they are not ear-killing bright.
Since you have the P3, you should try the XLR between the amp and pre-amp and RCA for the CDP, unless it has XLR. Frank at Signal Cable is a nice guy to work with.
Different cables sound differnt in your system so you needto try them out. I do not prefer silver because I think they lack the tone of copper cables. I like to hear the wood of a stand-up bass in the recording. That being said, try a better CDP first.

Happy Listening.
You will discover that for a budget CD player, the Onkyo 7030 is very sensitive to the cables used. I use the Onkyo in system that has an Outlaw RR2150 receiver and Totem Mites speakers.

I initially tried both Better Cables Silver Serpent and the Signal Cable Analog One interconnects and wanted to ditch the CD player. At that point, I had been using the Onkyo for about 50 hours or so. The sound was fairly bland ... not involving, no detail, female voices were harsh. I swapped in a set of Audioquest Black Mamba II cables that are sold by Audio Advisor. The Onkyo really came to life. The Black Mamba are copper wires with silver RCA plugs.

For speaker cables, I have used the QED Silver Anniversary happily for at least six years now.

hi Rar, tks for your advice, but i just placed order with Signal cables as below items. I will try them out first. Does anyone have experience on these cables? are these cables will fit to my system?

1. Analog Two Balance XLR - XLR
2. Ultra Biwire Ultra Biwire - Per Channel: 6 feet , Termination Choices: BFA Banana to BFA Banana
3. Analog Two Copper Bullets RCA
I'm running Signal Cable also but taking Frank's advice and running Silver Resolution Interconnects with Analog 2 speaker cables. Frank thought that was the best way to go but I'm real curious about using Silver Res. on speaker cables as well? Did you try both?
I'd be glad of any info?
Hi Steve:

Before switching to the QED Silver Anniversary speaker cables, I was using Signal Cable Silver interconnects and speaker cables. The system was comprised of the same Outlaw receiver and the speakers were either Rega Aras or NHT SB2s. The sound was screechy to say the least ... the highs were sharp and bright. The culprits were the speaker cables as once they were swapped out, the system sounded fine.

I began with Signal Cable Silver Resolutions between my CDP and an integrated amp that I do not have any more. With that, I had the Nordost 4 Flat bi-wires for my speaker cables. The Silver Res had replaced the Nordost Blue Heavens (on loaner from the dealer who sold me the CDP), that I found were very bright in my system. Being impressed with the Silver Res RCAs, I simply went ahead and purchased the Silver res speaker cables. I did not consult with Frank on that. But I am more than happy that I replaced the Nordost 4 Flats with these. They reveal a lot of information without sounding bright, in my system.
I am not sure if Frank can provide loaners on the Ultra that you mention. I would like to try and find out how that combination would work in my system. BTW, all my cabling is from Signal Cables - been pretty happy with them.

Hi all, i have upgraded all the power cords to Pangea Ac-9 and 14 for my Amp, Preamp and Speakers, i would like to know should i put my Pangea Power cable into wall outlet or plug into my Monster power conditioner?