Upgrade cable for Senn 600s??

I missed two sales for these w/ the Cardas cable. I have the 600 phones where does one get the cable,and is it easy to install??---like does it come where one just cuts the old and solder the new ??
Its plug'n'play. No soldering required. Just unplug the old cable at the earpieces and slip the new ones in. The plugs are asymmetric, but not obviously so, so just be careful you match the pins correctly, and plug the red one into the right side of the cans. If you can't find one here, try headfi.com. The usually pop up used at least once a week. Not only Cardas, but Moon Audio and StefanARts. The Clou Red is also an upgrade, but not as good as the others.
Stefan Audioarts cables are well worth the wait!
Second Stefan Audioart Equinox cable. You just pop them in!
Thanks for the good info guys. I never knew that was how it worked. Anybody got a price on the Stefan--- cable? Well I can go to the linc and see wa'ss happenin there. Edit:3pm same day:
I went to Swampwaker's linc/read the review. I got the 10 Cardas from Dedicated Audio for 145bucks. I should get them Sat.---Then we have this breakin thing to do but thanks for the help. You all helped me out and I pulled the trigger.-- George
There are a ton of threads on the Senn replacement cables over at www.head-fi.org. I believe the Equinox come standard at 9 feet and price at $190.00. Additionally, Zu cable has recently come out with the Mobius, which many seem to like. They have recently been running an introductory offer. A less expensive option is Jan Meier's upgrade cable at about $60.00. Its tough to find someone looking to sell their upgrade cable separately. Good luck.