Upgrade bug - speaker choice and your opinion

I think the upgrade bug has finally bitten meagain and I am now thinking of a change/improvement to come about in my present system.

The system I currently have is as follows:

Quad 606II Power Amp
Quad 66 Preamp
Philips DVD-963SA (mainly used as an SACD Player and occasionaly for watching movies)
Quad 67 CD Player
Rega Planar 3
Musical Fidelity The Preamp (spare)
Chartwell LS3/5a (on custom made stands)
Paradigm Reference Studio 40 V2 (on custom made stands)
Rel Strata III
Canare Star Quad Biwirable cable for speakers
MIT, Cable Talk, Monster Reference interconnects

Music I mainly listen to: Jazz, Rock/Pop from 50’s to 70’s and early 80’s, Classical, Broadway, Reggae, World Music etc (almost all types) but not Heavy Metal or Rap. Music 90 percent of the time and movies/concert videos 10 percent of the time

I am planning to go for a second Rel Strata III as I feel the Chartwell’s will really benefit from this upgrade which are my favourite speakers and I use them for vocal music and some classical also.

I love the sound of the LS3/5a even though many think they have deficiencies. One of them being the low end which I have somehow improved greatly with the pairing of REL Strata, they blend very well with the Chartwell’s and give a very respectable sound albeit not in big volumes being 15Ohms and very inefficient at 82 dB SPL.

My upgrade path that I was thinking about was to first go for a good pair of speakers which has the qualities of the LS3/5a and yet able to give a higher volume level. The Quad amplification stays as they are a very good match with the LS3/5a' and I certainly do not want this combination ruined

I have so far done some research and I am thinking of a pair of Sonas Faber (the smaller ones) like Concertino or the Concerto’s. How do you evaluate them as a replacement of Paradigm and something in line with the LS3/5a’s If I get either the Concerto or Concertino I will still retain the LS3/5a’s but may give up on the Paradigm’s. Unfortunately I am not in a position to audition them or get a demo. If I order them I have to take them, hence the reason for this long post.

By the way the reason I want to give up the Paradigms is because I am looking for a slightly laid back sound rather than what one would put it as forward sounding in case of the Paradigm’s. I have no intention of bashing the Paradigm,s as I know for sure (having used it for three years) that they are great value for money speakers which also have the capability of going pretty loud on their own and also have good bass extention. Because of the REL that I have and going for another one I may not be so concerned with the low end extention of the speaker. Rather, I want better imaging, soundstage, and smoother sound than what the Paradigms can offer to me at this moment.

Room Size: (H)24x(W)15x(H)10.5 with normal furnishing, large windows with drapes and carpet. The system is setup on the narrow wall.

My budget based on MSRP is about $2000 for any brand new speaker.

I hope the information provided is enough for fellow listeners to enable you to give me a frank opinion by letting me know if I am going in the right direction or headed for disaster.

Thanks for any input, anyone can provide.
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See if you can demo some Harbeth compact 7s, as they will almost certainly give you much improved low end response, volume, and transparency, without being too forward.

The other way to attack this problem is to buy speakers used, one pair at a time, and then sell them on for minimal loss if they don't work out for you. This gives you the benefit of an extended home-demo.

I personally use Green Mountain Audio Europas, and IMHO they are in a completely different league than LS3/5s in every respect, but they may not work out for you on the basis that they are perhaps a bit too brutally transparent, and they are rather ugly to look at.
Since you have subwoofers, I can highly recommend the Harmonic Precision Caravelles from Star Technologies. This is truly an amazing monitor with incredible dynamics, beautiful musicality and the sweetest high end I have ever heard. I have had them in my system for the past three weeks and with the sub my friend let me borrow they easily rival my $40k Wilson MAXX. This is no B.S.! Check out the reviews on this site.
The Sonas Fabers you mention are both very fine speakers imho. Having auditioned both, I much preferred the Concerto’s. More presence. Warmer sound. Worked very well with Velodyne SPL subs. In the end, I bought B&W however.
Try the SEAS Thor kit from Madisound. A little work and for less than $2000 you'll have a speaker that would easily retail for over twice that amount. Extremely accurate with well-defined solid bass and fine imaging. The cabinet is nicely finished and well constructed. Go to www.madisound.com and take a look under "kits" for all the details. Good luck!
Thank you guys for the input, I will reconsider my options based on some more speakers recommended. I had posted the same message elsewhere and got loads of ideas from many fellow listeners.

Thanks again.