Upgrade Bryston BP25 Pre to 2003 Specs

I was curious if anyone had sent their BP25 pre to get updated by Bryston to the 2003 specs. If so what was involved and was it worth the effort.

My system consists of the Sony SCD-1, BP25, 7B-SST, and Revel Salons. I am thinking of doing some Kern Mods to the SACD player and the previously mentioned BP25 upgrade.

How much does the Bryston BP25 upgrade cost?
Following link describes some prices:


I thought there should be some more upgrades than just the power supply mentioned by James Tanner (either VP or President at Bryston).

I wanted to hear some opinions from people who may have done the upgrade.

I was considering the DAC option for the BP25 so that I could improve the sound of my low end DVD player for 2 channel. Mainly for 2 channel movie viewing. I am flying to Toronto this weekend so I was considering taking the pre up with me to drop off at Bryston.
A couple thoughts. The power supply upgrade doesn't cost much, and you're going to be flying up to Toronto anyway, so it might be worth it. I'm curious to know what's involved with the power supply upgrade. Since the power supply for the BP 25 is a separate unit, would it be necessary to take the whole preamp to Bryston or just swap out the outboard power supply? I don't believe you can expect to recoup the cost of the upgrade if you sell the BP25 at a later time...something to consider. While the Bryston DAC has been favorably reviewed, is this something you need considering the SCD-1? Especially if you're considering Kern mods? BTW, you may save yourself some dough by buying an already Kern modded used SCD-1 and selling your stock SCD-1. You can absolutely be certain of never recouping the cost of mods. I once nearly purchased a fully Kern modded SCD-1 on A'gon for $2200! (Kinda wish I had).
The DAC option was a thought I had for my DVD player. My DVD players audio is pretty bad. I have no intention of using a DAC with the SCD-1. If I can get better DVD audio out of my 2 channel movies I think I would be just as happy as having a 5.1 HT system. I watch mainly dialogue based movies (Netfix). For those smash-and-crash movies I go to my neighbourhood cineplex. So that is why I was considering the DAC. I am not even sure if the DAC would work with the DVD movie audio tracks but I think it should.

I think the there is more to it than just the power supply upgrade. Mr Tanner asked me to bring in the preamp for any upgrades so unless there was a misunderstanding in our communications I am led to believe they open up the unit. I have not heard anything negative or positive from anyone on the internet regarding the pre upgrades. So I have decided to make the effort and take the unit up to Canada since Bryston is located close to my folks home.

I am going to hold off on my SCD-1 mods until sometime in the future. I would prefer to hear a modified unit first before I do anything. The cost of the mods could buy me a lot of music. BTW, my system sounds quite fabulous already but if I could squeeze more out of what I already have then I am curious to explore those options.
Depends on the age of your BP-25. If the RCA plugs barely stick out through the back of the unit, it is the older one and they have to do some board replacement.

If you have the long RCA jacks, then your board is up to date and all they need is the new outboard power-supply. No modifications required. I think that they made the change about late 98 or early 99. Mine is a '99 model and no mods were required save for the new power-supply. (Which makes a HUGH difference.)

May I recommend that you wait until they make their digital unit a stand-alone one? Things will sound much better if you have seperate power-supplies, and boxes, for the digital and analog ciruits.

I bought my phono-section as a stand-alone, and even though it is the exact same ciruit as the phono-stage in the BP-25, it sounds like a much more expensive phono-stage. Noise and power-supply isolation mean a lot.
Great advice.