Upgrade Bluesound DAC or go to Aurrender?

I want to go up a good step in SQ, I listen mostly to my Bluesound Vault2 and LP’s, streaming only for background music. Do I get a outboard DAC for the Bluesound ($3-5k) or switch to an Aurrender like the A10? Vote here. 
Yes, may not be a great question, but it’s mine! Thanks. One vote for new DAC. 
I have the Bluesound Vault 2i with Ayre Codex sounds very good but the Aurender n100 with same DAC sounds better 
I'm looking at Aurender N10
Aurender A10, keep it simple! 
+1 for Node and Codex. 
I used that for 3 years.
I tried the Aurender N100 with the Codex and didn't find it a significant upgrade (though it sounded better at Audioconnection so YMMV).
I just upgraded bluesound node to an Aurender A100. Not only is it a Marked improvement in SQ but the Aurender app is light years better than blueOS. 
If you’re thinking about A10, consider A100, essentially identical units with addition of coax out and balanced connections in A10 with a considerable price difference