Upgrade blues

Owned a Naim Nate for many years, sold it for 400 and thought I was upgrading to seperates, big mistake. The Naim, in retrospect clearly was the better piece; live and learn. Any suggestions on avoiding this pitfall, I bought the seperates without auditioning, and was seduced by advertising.
Many dealers have loaners you can evaluate at home in your system so you know what you are getting and how it sounds with your other equipment. Also some internet dealers have 30 day return policies like Audio Advisor. And finally never sell your old gear till your are sure new gear is an improvement......cheer up though, the pursuit of the ultimate system is never over......
Separate components are often high maintenance. They take a lot more tinkering (tweaking) to get at their soul. For some that is the fun of the hobby, for others, it's just too frustrating. You will need proper; vibration control, interconnects, power cords. All of which can add up to more then the components themselves. To learn about the art of tweaking go to www.audiotweakers.com