Upgrade BAT VK-55 to VK-55SE? Worth it?

I have had a VK-55 for about 3 years now. Excellent amp that I have not been able to better no matter how hard I try. I am really happy with it, but have been considering having BAT upgrade it to the 55SE. $2K seems pretty pricey for the upgrade. I have never heard the 55SE in person, so it is hard to decide if it would be a worthy upgrade. Has anyone compared the two directly? Is there a significant difference, or a small incremental gain in performance?
I haven't heard the SE version, but you have to ask yourself is there 2000.00 worth of difference? I have had some upgrades done to my components in the past and I have found that it was not worth the money for what was supposedly gained.
+1 to what Stereo5 says.

I would think it would be less than $2000 extra to sell your VK-55 and buy a used VK-55SE, if that is the route you want to go.
I think you're going from a 6sn7 input tube to a 6h30 + more power supply stuff. I haven't heard this...but I do remember going from a VK60 to a VK75SE...The 75SE was definately quieter, better staging...deeper base but more a little more cool...that 6sn7 input tube is quite nice...
Hello Mekong56.

Like Jfrech I also went from the VK60 to the VK75se but both in mono-block configuration.

The differences I heard were increased frequency extension both high and low with an overall more refined treble. Increased resolution of detail. A bigger sound-stage with more air. Dynamic authority was more linear. An overall more neutral tonal presentation.

However, the VK60 does have a rounder dense quality in the mid-range that can be very appealing which renders mid-range textures with more image solidity. This added thickness actually obscures subtle information in those frequencies.

Only you can decide if the upgrade is worth the money spent. For me it certainly was. One more thing to keep in mind is that I'm fairly certain the upgrade will renew your warranty in full. Just check with Steve or Victor about that to be sure.

Good luck.
If I were you, I would rather go for VK-75 or VK-75SE.
I have VK-60, and am quite satisfied with it. No plan for upgrade, maybe until it dies, or I hit a jackpot.
Me too very satisfied with vk-60.

Does a modified vk-60 with v-cap better than vk 75se?

Anybody try this before? Need opinions....
I still use my 17 year old BAT VK-60 with original tubes to power my Von Schweikert VR-5 Anniversary speakers. I recently changed the four Jensen caps inside the VK-60 to Dueland CAST copper and am astounded by the improvement in sound stage, frequency range, clarity and realism. The VK-60 after the cap change sounds better to me than any other amp I've heard, even better than the amp that Von Schweikert had on my speaker pair at his shop in Riverside, CA. The four caps cost nearly $800 (I installed them myself), but they're a bargain compared to the cost of buying a new amplifier, even if I could find one I like. I don't know if the VK-55 or 55SE would benefit from Dueland caps, but I sure am happy with what they did for my VK-60.