Upgrade B&K Ref 20 to Proceed AVP?

Have been thinking about an upgrade for a while and now have a chance to pick up an AVP at a very good price. My main interest is 2 channel and though the ref 20 does a good job the reviews I have read on the avp sound like it is great at 2 channel and a step up for h/t.
Any opinions on this upgrade?
I don't know if this will help you, but I can share what I have experienced. I had a B&K Ref 50 and upgraded to a Lexicon MC12 B, and currently to a Theta Casablanca II. I didn't think that the Ref 50 was anywhere near the league of the Lex. Since Proceed is/was in the Madrigal audio group, I am guessing the AVP will outperform the Ref 20. I will go a step further and say the Theta Casablanca II is the best I have personally experienced for both 2-channel and multi-channel. I intend to upgrade or purchase a CB III with extreme DACs some day, after grad school. Hope that helps.
nice thing about these is you can buy one, and sell if y ou don't like! I mean it's not like you're risking anything, and had to buy it new at some store with no return policy -which is nice (lol). Also, don't know your system pieces to match things up. So, it depends. The proceed is pretty clear, but "cool" in tonality, slightly tipped up on top end. It's got good dynamics - channel separation is better on newer pre's though.
another point is that there's no DSP room correction on these older units, which is a huge sonic advantage in all but the most massive acoustical spaces! So, there's that.
I think you should try it, and sell if you don't like - that way you'll "know".
Appreciate your taking the time and giving your thoughts. As usual I ended up waiting to long and missed the deal. Always figure that it wasn't the right time when I miss something.
I have also been looking at a theta casa nova but with Flmlamb mentioning the room correction and seperation on the newer models it is making me think a bit more.
Current 2 ch is
arcam alpha 8se
ref 20
bryston 3bst
gallo 3.1
I do have some room problems in that it is the family room and there is not much I can do for correction.
What would be a good processor used that has the correction software and will the correction represent a bigger step up than a very good older processor?
Thanks again.
Sorry to be getting back so late. Been out of pocket.

Really appreciate the input but, as usual, he who hesitates looses. Missed the deal so am back to looking for a good processor.
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I am still considering the Proceed and have been looking at Anthem AVM20.
At this time the new formats do not interest me. Prices are high and material is scarce. Main interest is 2 channel. The room correction is of interest.
My room is 26'x 22' with cathedral ceiling. System is in the middle of the long wall with listening position 12' from the tv. Left side looking at the system has a brick fireplace and the right side is open to the kitchen. Rear wall mostly glass.
So, what benefit will I see with room correction? Does it really make that much difference that a person should go that way rather than a higher end processor?
Thanks again,