Upgrade amp power cable or not?

I just got two Monster HTS2000. Do I still need to upgrade the power cable for my amp? I have a Unison Research Unico Hybrid amp. What does a high quality power cable do that a stock pc can't. I can never understand the importance of the pc. If the wire in the walls are only as good as home depot cable how can a high end pc help? Does it improve current? Or does it reduse power line noise? Please help me justify a pc upgrade or not. Thanks.
If it was me I would upgrade the Monster conditioners first, before getting a new cord for the amps (which is also worth it). What is your budget? For a low cost conditioner consider Chang Lightspeed, Tice, or Audio Power. Preferrably one with an IEC, so you can upgrade that power cord as well.
I bought a Synergistic Research Master Coupler on Audiogon not sure where to put it in my system. (an experiment as I have read good things) It went into the power amp first and there it stayed. I'm not great with the lingo but I became a believer immediately. Bass was much better and imaging became clearer(among other benefits) Seriously, I literally said "wow". If you want a cheaper upgrade ($35) that will do wonders, get a Hubbell outlet to replace the cheap outlet the builders put in. The same..."wow"
Before getting a new cord, bag the Monster conditioners, and get an Audio Magic Stealth. The new ones are cryoed. I have the original, and love it. Plug all your electronics into this baby and your system is going to new heights. I love mine, and will send it out to be cryoed, as soon as I'm willing to go for the breaking in process, again. It does take 400+ hours, of well worth it time, but, never-the-less, a bit of a drag. good hunting.
I know the break-in story has been told many times, but waiting for break-in on a power conditioner is silly, especially if you know how they work or what is inside them. Is your system worse with a pc installed that is not broken in than without the pc installed?

And then you tell this guy to dump the pieces he just bought because they're not audiophile approved. Hey, they work and if he likes them why spread your voodoo?

The qustion was what do power cords do, usually they just provide a lower impedence. Stock cords are normaly 18 gauge, 14 gauge is available at the hardware store sheilded or not, try both if you like at $10 a pop.

I'm sorry, I didn't read your post carefully. I didn't realize you just purchased those babies. As Gilda Radner use to say on Saturday Night Live, "never mind." Email me, in the future, should you find it's not happening with your Monsters. Voodoo? Ouch!
Don't hook your amp to any conditioner, plug it right into the wall. You can buy used cables here or at www.usedcables.com, if it works for you, great, keep it, if not you can resell it for what you paid and be better off for the experience. Also, don't let people flat out tell you to sell your Monster, they probably have never heard it and just don't like the name, instead, if you have doubts, try another brand in home before selling it, or any component for that matter. More $$$ does not ever insure more performance, no more then esoteric brands are always superior to the stuff you buy at Tweeter. For the money I doubt you will find a better conditioner, but, again, don't run your amp through it.
Actually I have owned four Monster Conditioners. It is OK for connecting a receiver, VCR, and basic TV (which is where my remaining ones are), but it is still a cheap piece of plastic. Just remember the reverse. Many of those that don't believe in a good power conditioner, don't own one, and therefore have not or cannot compare a cheap conditioner with a good one, and with just plugging into the wall.

Some are blessed with a good clean power source, and some higher cost gear actually has a built-up power supply with some conditioning techniques built in. I'll hear from some that say conditioning does not work, and they list their gear which includes components with their own built in conditioning. So it does work and they don't know it.

I know from years of testing in my home the value of a good conditioner, good cables, and clean electric power. They all have their place. Unless you have dedicated lines, plugging into the wall is in many cases not the best answer, especially for those in apartments.
That brings to my mind another question - how do I go about testing my AC to ascertain how clean it is? Are there standard testing devices (hopefully, cheap ones...) to easily find out?

Also, how do I find out if my equipment has some level of power conditioning in the power supply? I have a Plinius 8200 MK1 integrated.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

I found that in my system, the sound improved when I did away with the all power conditioning and just ran my newly purchased Pure Note Sigma Power cords (www.purenote.com) directly from my Krell amps (or anything else) directly into my dedicated audiograde outlets.

The better conditioners are not filters that restrict power. They operate parallel to the circuit, so the power still flows.

Audio Prism makes a device called the "Noise Sniffer" that basically "plays" the noise in your lines though a speaker on the unit, so you can hear any noise.
I use a DIY powercord with my Unico. I find that it sounds smoother and has more precise imaging than the stock cord supplied with the Unico. It consists of Belden 19364 14/3 SJT wire with Marinco plugs. The shield is connected to ground at the wall plug end only. Very inexpensive to make.