Upgrade Amp or Speaker for 2 channel?

Noob here.BUT a dedicated 2 channel enthusiast for over 30 years.

Have not upgraded my system for over about 8 years.Need advice on which component would give me the best "improvement".

My system: Anthem TLP-1 ,Anthem PVA-2,Paradigm Studio Reference 100 V3,Denon D/A 500 dac,Arcam CD 73,Sony ES 5 disc cd player.

Used in a medium to large living room.Open concept modern house with high ceiling,wall to wall carpets.

Would appreciate advice!

My dealer wants me to trade the same model(studio 100s)Paradigms for version 5.He would give me $800 trade value for my 10 year old speakers in mint shape towards the recent version which now sells for $3K USD.

Or,should I upgrade the amp?

Thanks in advance!

I personally would not trade-in your spks. for the newer version of the same spk. and pay $2200! There's alot of real nice used spks. you could buy on AudioGon for 2K+. Not familiar w/your amp, but if you like the way your present spks. sound/look, I'd look into the amplification. Hope all works out well.
go for the new speakers.
Neither. New front end; garbage in, garbage out.
I have 12 year old int. amp, CDP, and speakers. The front end was upgraded ( iTunes, MacBook, asynchronous DAC ) and what an improvement. Didn't know my cd's had that much music on them. After what I've experienced, I'd start at the front end. Good luck with whatever decision you make.
Sorry guys-I'm a real noob-what do you mean when you refer to "front end"

The front end is the source. In your case a CD player.
I vote with the folks encouraging you to consider upgrading your front end. The Paradigm 100s you have are very nice speakers for the size room you describe, and are worth way more than your dealer is offering in trade. And your amp, at 120 watts per channel, should be a good match with the speakers. So I'd look instead at a first- rate cd player.
i agree that the cd player is a real important element to making your system sound better.
After you upgrade your front end, you may discover that your other components need upgrading also. Such is life. Have fun.
Today CDP should mean a great Digital to Audio Converter with a digital music server and internet radio to expand one's musical horizons. Look into products like Peachtree or Benchmark for a standalone DAC and Music Vault or Olive for the DAC/server. If you want to get involved for the least dollars Apple or Logitech make great wireless components.
Purchased a Grace internet tuner and set it up yesterday.Running a Toshlink through my old (1990) Denon DAC.
Sound is medocre.
Contemplating the DAC magic for both the radio streamer and my CD player.what you you guys think?


Your system would certainly merit a better DAC than the DacMagic, good as it is. The Benchmark that was previously suggested by Cio52 would be a good start. You were, after all, going to spend a multiple of this on speakers anyway, better one and done.
What are you looking to accomplish? What area is your current system lacking with regards to your satisfaction? What is wrong with your system? What area do you want to obtain an improvement in and what is the improvement you are looking for?

If there isn't anything wrong with it, why upgrade anything?

I could easily recommend components to replace everything you have, that are better than what you have (to me at least). But unless you feel something is wrong, I wouldn't get on that merry go-round.

Think about the past 8 years (age of your equipment), what areas of equipment have seen real and noticeable improvements in terms of sound quality? Personally, at this level of equipment, my opinion is the digital front end. There have been some speaker and amp improvements, but much less so than the front end items.

But before deciding anything, I would think about what is lacking in your system so that you can better determine what you want to achieve by buying new stuff.
Let me preface my comments with a note to clarify that my knowledge and experience is fairly limited in the audiophile world. Having said that...

A review of some of your systems components made me think that unless there is something specifically wrong (i.e. to your ears) with your Paradigm speakers they should provide an excellent system to built a system around.

The have a similar value to my Focal 836v speakers. Having heard my speakers connected to amps ranging from Integra receivers to equipment that of a crazy price by comparison, I would anticipate that your speakers may have something beyond what you're hearing with your current amplification. Having said that, I know nothing about the Anthem brand so they may be significantly better than the advertised retail prices imply. I've been amazed at the difference that truly high end amplification can make with very affordable speakers.

Also, based on my experience I would think that your current Arcam CD player is someone in line with the rest of your system and wouldn't be something that I would immediately consider upgrading, but again I have no specific experience with the unit. The online reviews appear to be solid.

I won't even try to comment on your other components as I know that I have nothing of value to provide.

Overall, I think your system should equal or exceed my system and I'd expect it to sound great. In my opinion, you're getting close to the level of investment were it takes a significant investment to yield a significant improvement.
Thanks everyone for your candid responses,much appreciated.

I guess the pure analogue sound from my second audio system based on a high end "vintage" turntable has influenced my expectations of digital sound.

Anyway I'll try the DAC magic which can easily be returned .

Your speakers would be the least of my worries . DAC first , Amp next .
You were all correct-a new DAC has defintely improved the sound.More separation,tighter bass-pleasing to my ear.

I wish I could have afforded a better Dac than the so called "magic" one as I prefer to support products made in North America.
Enjoy your DAC - glad to hear that it is enriching the musical experience. After all, that's what it's all about.

I do have one question. In your original post - if I do the math correctly - you were positing that you would spend $2200.00. However in your last post, you lamented not being able to afford more than the price of the DacMagic. Can you explain this? Thanks.
Are you using the new DAC for the Arcam CD 73 player as well? If not, you might try a digital connection just for grins and see how it changes the sound.

I had no intention of trading in my speakers and paying $2200 for new ones.

That was what the salesman recommended for me to do and what he offered as a solution for sound improvement for my system

Thus my reason for posting here to see anyone would recommend.
Not trying to be a wise guy, but why don't you first measure the acoustic qualities of your room and correct them before buying any new gear? The best gear in the world will sound like crap in a bad room. Those high ceilings will always act like an echo chamber without some sort of room treatment.