Upgrade amp or add sub?

I have Apogee Centaur minors driven by a Sim Audio i-5080. I'm looking for a little more foundation to my system. The Apogee's have anemic bass, but I'm moving into a ground floor condo and am worried about too much bass. Could I move into a larger amp (a Classe integrated? I like integrated)and get slightly more bass my new room will be a 13 x 23 open space with 8 ft ceilings my old room is only 11 x 12. Any suggestions appreciated.
Adding a sub and having it properly integrate into your system will be harder than most people think. You have very good speakers for the price.

I would upgrade your amp/preamp! ... without a doubt.

Also, consider the Krell 300i or 300il. As you know, Krell is known for their bass.

I think upgrading the amp is the way to go.

The Classe integrated you're considering may be a good choice especially if it's the CAP-151.

The ones I'd look first are the Plinius models. You can get the discontinued 150 watt 8200 and especially 8150 at a nice price. If you can swing the extra cash, the new 200 watt 9200 might be an option.

Good luck!
I have a pair of Centaur Minors, what is it about the bass that you don't like? Not deep enough or not tight enough? Have you played around with the switch settings and room placement to any degree?

I have a sub that I sometimes run with mine, it does give them the heft that my much larger speakers have. The ideal setup would be two smaller subs IMO. As you know, the 6.5 inch bass driver can never output true deep bass and no amp in the world can change this..another amp may offer better bass control which could seem to add some bass. The Minors only need about 50 watts but do sound much better with more.

Upgrade to a pair of subs. Speakers need to be placed out away from walls for best imaging. Adding a pair of subs will do a 100% double take with your ears. Subs actually add foundation and detail to the high midrange and even beyond at times and can even inprove imaging if run in a stereo pair. No amplifier, no matter the cost will do this dramatic improvement for those speakers. A properly set up sub wont even bug neigbors, nor will they amplify nasty room resonances if care is taken on their placement and tuning.
WIth your new room...expect even less bass...and changing amps will not extend bass frequency which is ROOM DEPENDENT...I would opt for at least trying a sub...however...no sub beats a cheap sub...start with REL...higher end Velodyne...higher end B&W...etc....or the $500 model from HSU which comes with a trial...cheers....