Upgrade advice please

Hi group,
I'm considering upgrading my digital sources, with the idea of getting more into computer audio. I also don't want to abandon my CD's, so I'm looking for a solution that lets me enjoy both.

I currently own a Rega Elicit-R amp, which has been wonderful. I'm considering pairing that with a Rega Saturn-R CD/DAC. The Saturn features asynchronous USB along with other versatile connectivity. I'd eventually be pairing that up with a laptop, running either iTunes or J River.

Here's my question:

My current CDP is an Arcam Alpha 9, well-reviewed but 15 years old now. It has a good DAC....dcs Ring DAC, 24 bit. Would I be better off keeping the Arcam, using it as a transport, and purchasing instead a standalone DAC?

I like the Saturn-R option because it lets me upgrade both the CD, plus pair that with a USB DAC.

However, I'm open to suggestions. I've been looking at DACs from Wyred4Sound and NAD (M51).

Thanks in advance for your input,
You may want to consider the Bryston BDA-2 or the Musical Fidelity M6DAC also.Both sound great just different. I've never heard the Arcam but some of the older transports can still hold their own quite well against newer models. I still am using a Mark Levinson No37 and loving it. So you might consider demo in your home of better dac and your transport and see how it works. Have Fun!
I think it really depends on how you see using your computer as server. Are you considering downloading hi-rez PCM files or DSD? If so, I would consider a stand alone DAC with DSD capabilities and continue to use your Arcam as transport for playing CDs.

I have stayed with CDs. Can buy far more music for same $$$. I use a Arcam DVD137 as transport and also have all CDs loaded on MAC mini. I play both through a Bryston BDA-1. I use the Audiophilleo2 for USB conversion as the USB input on the Bryston is not equal to SPDIF inputs.
Mesch, Gadawg,
Thanks for your responses.

I'm a real newbie in this area; currently I've been downloading music from the Linn and Naim websites (studio master 192k files) to my hard drive; I'm using iTunes on my PC, so I'm downloading these in ALAC.

I'm streaming from my PC to my 2 channel system, using an Audioengine D2 wireless streamer. It provides a 24/96 stream, so I'm probably not getting the best fidelity I could, although it does sound very good.

CD's will remain a big part of my system; I'm also doing more with vinyl.

In terms of PCM or DSD, which is better?