Upgrade advice please

I have a dedicated HT setup used 60/40 movies/multi channel music (concerts & DVDA). Room is 14x22x9, plush carpet & recliners. Sharp 9000 DLP. Echostar HD6000 sat receiver. Denon 1600 DVD. Denon AVR 3802. Monster HTS 3600 Power Center. Klipsch Cornwall II (L&R front). Klipsch Forte (L&R surround). Klipsch Heresy II (center, L&R rear)with Sunfire True Sub Jr. Volume is not an issue but I am wondering if I could reasonably expect significant improvement in sound quality by replacing my 3802 with the Outlaw 950/770 combo? Budget is $2500 max. What do you think?
I've got the 3802 and love it for all it's features and versatility.

I'm using the pre-outs with a DNA-1 amp, 185 watts, for the fronts only.

This seems to free up a lot of the Denon's power for the center and rears.

Next purchase will be a dedicated preamp for the DNA-1 with a HT pass through for movies.
Toonsurge, I appreciate the feedback. Please pardon if I don't fully understand, I'm just a novice. Are you recommending replacing my 3802 with the Outlaw 950/770 combo or adding it or getting something else?
I'm pretty new, too. So take my recommendations with a huge grain of salt.

I have your same DVD player, too. I started with the 3802, because on clearance, it had the most features and power I could find for the money.

I was not pleased with it's sound on 2 channel, not bad, but not blowing my socks off. I am pleased with its performance with movies.

So I asked some advice, and ended up buying a 2 channel DNA-1 amp which had 185 watts (vs 110 watts for the AVR). I use the pre-outs from the AVR to my amp for the fronts (Paradigm 100v.2) This gives me a much cleaner and louder sound for two channel. In addition, it frees up some power for the 3802.

The rears and center sound better since no AVR power is sent to the fronts.

My next purchase will be a two-channel preamp which will take over the two channel duties completely from the 3802. With the HT pass through option, which neutralizes the preamp, I can still use the Denon as processor for movies for all 7 speakers (the front two being powered by the DNA amp.)

I guess what I'm trying to asy is that for the money, I
can get by with the 3802 for movies, and really invest in a killer 2 channel system that I can integrate.

I hope this helps.
Lvsjedi - Toonsurge is suggesting you consider keeping your 3802 and adding a higher power two channel amp to drive your Cornwalls in favor of the Outlaw combo. I cannot comment on which would sound better in your room, but this is an excellent alternative for improving your system while spending less $$$.

As a matter of fact, you could add as many channels of amplification as you need/want by using the other pre-amp outputs on the Dennon.

Here's how to use an external two channel amp with your Dennon. You bypass the Dennon's two front channel amps by running RCA's from the Dennon's pre-amp outputs to the inputs of the two channel amp. You remove the Front R/L speaker cables from the Dennon and connect them to the binding posts on the two channel amp. Voila! Upgrade complete.