upgrade advice from Sunfire CRM2 monitors

I'd appreciate some purchase advice for new monitors.

They would have to be a significant improvement from my current Sunfire CRM2s.

They would be wall mounted (WAF requisite) not too big and installed in a medium sized non dedicated room (25m).
Currently I use a 200 wats/channel Crestron 7x200 amplifier, connected to a Sunfire Ultimate receiver as pre.

I also have a diY 10" subwoofer conected to the sunfire receiver, hence I'm not looking for extended bass from the monitors.

Low-medium listening volumes and varied music styles, includeing movie watching. I favor musicallity and great midranges.

Would rather buy second hand and budget may go up to 1500USD.

I have considered Usher monitors, and some oldie Sonus Fabers.

I would appreciate input from people that has already upgraded from Sunfire CRM2s..
Thanks in advance

You're in an interesting spot. The CRMs are very good and - if you're using a subwoofer (IMO a MUST! with the CRM) - they can be IMHO very tough to beat in many ways. My only issue with the CRM is that they don't hold up particularly well as SPL goes up, but beyond that they're really, really good, IMHO. Since you note that listening levels are moderate, I'm not sure you'll benefit much from some of the choices that simply go louder.

You could go with a very different approach like the little Maggies (planar) or Ohms (omni) but those aren't conventional monitors and much will depend on personal taste. Good news: if you want to try that approach, both offer in-home, money back trial periods.

You might also think about a better sub or subs. A pair of SVS sealed 12" subs is +/- $1200 and would make a pretty impressive full range system with the CRMs. The related issue is the Sunfire AVR. I'm unfamiliar with the bass management/room correction software in the unit. IME, sub/sat systems generally see vast improvement when the software is top flight (e.g. Audyssey xt 32 pro). If your AVR lacks this capacity, you might wwant to consider a move there, instead.

Good Luck

Guess that i was looking for excuses to upgrade ;-)
I know that an improved subwoofer and managing room accoustics would posibly be a better choice over changing the monitors.

I have the chance of buying system audio sa2k at good price, and possibly usher mini dancer x secod hand. how these two would compare to the sunfires?
Thanks, maty
The System Audio SA2K monitors are a superb speaker that is not as well known as many of its competitors. I have never had the chance to compare them to the CRM2s, but having heard both at different times I would personally choose the SA2Ks over the Sunfires. The SA2Ks are one of the best monitor speakers in the market, easily competing with some of the best out there like those from Dynaudio and ProAc. Highly recommended and worth a listen if you have the opportunity.
Thanks bill