Upgrade advice for processor

I am looking to upgrade my surround processor. My current processor is a Rotel 1068. I am currently considering the Classe ssp 300 or ssp 600 or the Anthem D2. I would like peoples advice and opinions on these or other processors with a budget up to $3500. HDMI would be nice but not a necessity 2 channel sound is the number one thing I am looking for in the upgrade. Not that the multi channel isn't important to me but I am really looking for high quality 2 channel performance from the unit. Thanks in advance.
Proceed AVP2 will solve all your worries. Read the reviews on the unit, if 2 channel is your main goal, then this is the way to go.
i own the Anthem D2. It will grow with you.

If you can afford it, you won't regret it.
Since you mention that HDMI is not a necessity, I would consider a used Meridian G68. I am very happy with mine for both movies and 2 channel.
You could also consider two units. I couldn't find a theater unit that produced the 2 channel the way I wanted it. For me, Analog = Tubes.

I have an Integra 9.9 for the theater application. Very good Digital section and can handle all the formats. Also has a Direct pass through.

The second unit is an ARC tube preamp connected to the pass through on the Integra and controlling all the Analog. Each unit is doing what it does best and you can select units to meet your taste and budget.

Thanks for the responses so far folks. As of right now I am leaning toward the Anthem D2 and an Anthem MCA-50 for an amp. Keep the suggestions coming though.
Since you mentioned that 2 channel sound quality is a priority for you, and you are leaning toward Anthem, I would consider getting the Anthem Statement A5 rather than the MCA-50, if you can stretch the budget slightly. I have the A5 and I can tell you that it performs quite nicely on both movies and music (though it is not my current music amp).
I have looked at the A-5, but maybe you or someone can explain the difference to me between the A-5 and the MCA-50. It sure appears to me that besides the 3 more balanced connections which would be the center and surround connections the 2 amps are the same amp. And at $700 less new I see the MCA-50 as a better deal. Maybe I am wrong on that but someone will have to show me what I would get for that extra $700.
I am under the impression that the A5 uses a variety of upgraded parts. I could be wrong about that. You should consult your Anthem dealer.
You are right I will have to talk to my dealer. It may very well be that they use upgraded parts and it may be worth the extra money. Did you happen to listen to both amps before you purchased or no.
No, I did not listen to both amps. My advice was not based on any negative experience with the MCA-50. It was based on my highly positive experience with the A5. I used the A5 for both music and movies for two years. It is an excellent product at what is, by audiophile standards, a very reasonable price. You can click on my virtual system to get an idea of the system context in which I evaluated the A5.

I have also heard the D2 on a number of occasions (combined with the P5, which, although it is more powerful, sounds very similar to the A5). So I can make a reasonable inference about how the D2 and A5 will sound together. I believe that combination will meet or exceed your expectation, as described in the OP, of "high quality 2 channel performance" from a multichannel processor/amp. Good luck.
I contacted technical support at Anthem and kudos to them I had an answer within 30 minutes (very impressive). here is what they say the difference in the two amps is.

“A series” has these extra features over the MCA:

hand selected input transistors heat-shrunk together so positive and negative cycles track each other as temperature changes

4-layer circuit board instead of 2-layer for lower impedance

circuit breaker instead of fuse for convenience and lower impedance
I have the Arcam AVR 600 and only paid about $3500 for it. Outstanding unit in every sense. Amazing sound and simple operation. It is everything they claim and more. I think you will be happy even with 2 channel stereo. It is not on the same level as my Accuphase for 2 channel but not bad at all.