Upgrade advice

My current set-up consists of Pro-ject Perspective TT, Grado Master cart. & Grado PH-1 phono amp. I am considering either VPI Scoutmaster or Aries 2 Black Knight. The grado pieces match well and are fairly new so my plan was to keep them for now. Does anyone have any experience with the difference between the VPI tables and will they be a significant improvement over the Perspective? Also will the grado be a good match with the JMW-9 arm? (I have seen pictures of this combination in ads)
Thanks in advance.
I hope the Grado's a good match as I just ordered the Reference model from the Statement line for my new Scoutmaster...as far as compliance goes you should be just fine...
I use a Grade reference Sonata with my Vpi HW19 jr. All of the scuttlebutt was I would have a hum issue with this combo. I have not had any problems at all. In fact, it is just the opposite. I am really happy with this combo.
Good luck
Thanks for responses so far. After digging a little deeper into VPI's site I noticed that Grado reference cartridges are offered with some of the TNT tables, so no worries there. I also realize that the Soutmaster and Black Knight are fairly new models but would still love to hear opinions from VPI owners.