Upgrade Accuphase DP75v to Linn CD12 ?

Used Linn CD12s are selling for about $10K. Is it worth selling an Accuphase 75V & getting the Linn? Thanks for any comments.
Since no one else has replied (yet), I'll give you my two cents worth. First, a disclaimer: I haven't owned either of these products--but I have heard both of them. Also, I don't know how much money you would realize from selling the Accuphase, or how much money you have to spend. Although there are both excellent IMHO, the Linn is the better of the two. It is just the most natural sounding, most lifelike CD player I have ever heard. I can't afford it and don't lust after it, but do appreciate what it does. For me the Accuphase is an excellent player, but just doesn't have the "you are there" quality of the Linn.
IMHO (not to insult happy owners) I don't consider this an upgrade. If you are ready to spend serious money, you should probably be better off with something really serious (Museatex, dCS, et cetera).
Thanks to the 2 good people who answered, I appreciate you taking the time. I just noticed that there were not many used CD12s on the market, and the few that were are selling at the same prices (or even higher) than 2-3 years ago. I guess CD12 owners feel no reason to change things.

The Linn seemed to be universally regarded as a religious experience to hear; "haunting" was a common adjective for it. I heard it once at a show (HE 2002 in NY) and was impressed, but I spent too short a time to really tell if was that much better than the Accuphase. The difference from the 75V did not jump out at me (as say the difference between my former Meridian 508.24 and the 75V, which was, to my ears, a revalation, the 75V was soooo much better).

I think digital artifacts really make themselves known in sustained musical notes, especially from a woodwind or from a singing voice, especially a close-miked one. I wonder if the Linn beats the 75V in this acid test.
Thanks again to the 2 respondents and for any further comments about the CD12 vs. the 75V or the newer state-of-the-art redbook playback systems.
Hi. Don't know if you are still interested in Linn vs. Accuphase; however, the CD 12 is no longer being made by Linn. Total production was 2000 units.