Upgrade a vintage preamp or buy new?

I am trying to decide if I will get better sound by upgrading a NAD 1300 Monitor Series preamplifier or get a new C162, the cost is about the same. The upgrade will consist of replacing all coupling and audio bypass caps with premium "muse" and Wima caps, upgrading the power supply to Hexfred and replacing the IC's with Burr-Brown Audio Select OP amps. Looking at the specs the 1300 is better in some aspects and the C162 in others. The 1300 has more features especially the ability to adjust the phono input capacitance.
I have narrowed my choices down to these after months of off and on searches of everything up to used $1000 pre’s with no phono section. I listen to nothing but vinyl so the phono is very important and being built in is better because of space limitations. The thing that limits my choices the most is that I want tone controls. I do not use them often but I have a very few LPs that I enjoy but cannot listen to without a minor adjustment.
My system currently consists of an Acoustic Signature Samba TT, Rega 300 w/Cardas Litz wire and Cardas clips, Denon DL-304 cartridge. NAD 1155 preamp (this little pre handled the Denon MC w/.18mV output w/o a problem), AQ King Cobra interconnects, NAD 2200 amp that has upgraded caps, new relays, and mod power supply. I use Klipsch Forte speakers that have upgraded crossovers and titanium tweeter diaphragms. I bought everything new except the TT 20 years ago and most of my vinyl in the 70’s. The amp and speakers will not be changed until next year when I move so that I will be able to match them to the room.
Thanks in advance for any opinions or experiences you care to share with me.
Well, resale would be better on the c162 if you're going to eventually sell it. I think the sound would be better on the upgrade. NAD is ok for what it is but I had the C162 and wasn't all that impressed especially after what what's been written about it. It had an average sound IMO. Basically just a little step up from the stuff you see in Best Buy. Unfortunately, I guess because of the reasons they're made in China now, NAD has a low quality feel to the controls and cabinet as well.