Upgrade A/V Receiver or get 5 Ch. Amp

Hello folks!
I’m in a little confusion here. I have Rotel RB-1582 MK II running B&W CM 10 S2s as main and a Marantz A/V receiver running my CM Center 2 S2 and CM 1 S2s for surrounds. I know the power from the Marantz (125w/ ch) isn’t good enough for my centers. I’m thinking to upgrade, but confused on which path to take first. Either get a new receiver, ie. Anthem MRX 520 (100W/ Ch) or get the Anthem MCA 30 or MCA 50 amp to run the center and surrounds. I I plan to get both over the time but for now I’m confused as to which one to get first. Or I may get a processor, AVM 60 rather than the MRX 520 or 720. P.S. I live in a town home and I don’t see myself moving to a single family with a theater room at least in the next 2 years.


Anthem has been in the business a long time with much success in A/V.  Make your move and enjoy yourself.
I agree with you and I want to go with the Anthem, but my question is which should I choose first:
MRX 520 for now (since it’s a living room setup in a town home)? If yes, then is the power enough to drive my CM Center 2 S2 (30-200W recommended) in par with the L/R since they have their own separate amp-200W/ ch?
Also to consider - I’m planning to get a HDR TV later this year so I need a HDR capable receiver. So leaning more towards the 520. As long as I hear the L, R and C will be in sync with the 520 I’m all up for it.

I just bought a 720 and can say without reservation it is the best piece of equipment I’ve ever bought. Super happy with it. The 720 has more powerful amps than the 520 so my recommendation would be to get the 720 and see how it works with your speakers. If necessary you could always buy a 3 channel amp for the fronts.

I have Paradigm Signature S2’s for L&R and the C3 center. I’ve run those natively off the 720 and also tried them with an Anthem MCA 225 amp.  Both configurations sounded great - so much so that I elected to not use the 225.

Good luck
720 is the ideal but just trying to save some $$ so I can get a separate 3 or 5 channel amp later. 520 is 100/ ch vs. 125/ ch on the 720. I’m not sure how much I’ll get when only driving 3 speakers in each.
Sorry, it's 100W/ Ch on the 520 vs 140W/ Ch on the 720.
What makes you think you don't have enough power for your center speaker?  Are you hearing strain or distortion?  I'd think 125wpc should be fine, especially since you're only driving the center and surrounds with the Marantz. 
My bad. 125W/ ch is good enough for my center but I was thinking to upgrade to a better receiver on a whole, esp. the ARC might help me with the living room setup.
so I assume a 100W/ ch is good enough too for the center, if I go the MRX 520 route?
I have the 520 and it runs a pair of hard to drive Silverline Minuets with ease.  It’s got enough power for your setup.  I would stop worrying about that.  In the unlikely even that you were to find otherwise, it’s relatively to buy a decent second hand multi channel amp for a low cost.  I got an excellent 5 Channel Parasound a few years ago that is now 15 years old for $200.  Honestly, with the 520, you won’t need it
520 it is then. Thanks for all your suggestions.
Got myself an Anthem MRX 720 after much debate and at a very good price (I guess). A lot of difference between my old Marantz SR5009 and the Anthem, esp. with the 2 ch. music. Haven't setup my ARC yet, tried with my iPhone and didn't work. I have a Macbook. Yet to borrow a Windows laptop from my friend and setup the ARC, hopefully this week.
Anthem is releasing the new version of ARC in the next few weeks (ARC Genesis).  It has been redeisgned and will run on your MacBook.