Would a Mytek stereo 192 DSD or Wyred4 sound DAC2 DSD be upgrade from Musical Fidelity M1 A DAC... mostly, internet radio, ripping, cd play

W4S has plenty of fans in the forums I contribute to. I personally don't have experience with their products, but around that price point if you're looking for a warm and 'musical' sounding dac, i'd look at the Red Wine Audio Bellina Pro. That is a tube dac and uses a battery power supply, which given the build quality is unheard of at this price point. The Pro version uses a Wolfson dac chip like the EAR Acute 3 cdp & supports 24/192 via coax or asynchronous USB, though I don't think it handles DSD. Don't get too hung up on specs, audiophiles usually get that out of their system by their 40's or 50's and end up with dacs like these. Btw, I have no affiliation with RWA. I'm just quietly impressed by them.

Here are are a couple of links fyi -