I getting back into the audio world after several years of sitting it out. Need speakers and a receiver to get started. I have been looking at older (5-8 years) "flagship" receivers like the Pioneer Elite VSX-49TXI or the Onkyo TX NR-1000. I know nothing about the video side so was thinking only about the stereo. Now, I'm not so sure. I am finding prices I can live with on new equipment on accessories for less site. Thought on a receiver that a newby would be happy with?

Speakers. I have alway been a fan of Definitive Technology and have been looking for a used pair of BP3s. I have also found some fair prices on Focal 814V chorus series. Can anyone compare the two for me? I have never listened to Focal home speakers but I know their car audio gear sounds amazing.

I also have a Hafler 500 that I can use to power the fronts or a Bedini 100/100 that is also sitting around doing nothing.

any advice is appreciated.

Thank you.
Given your situation, its probably a very good idea if you were to go out and do some actual listening. Without developing a baseline for the type of sound you like, recommendations on a web site like this will tend to be very random. What part of the country do you live in? If there is a good retailer in your area, someone on this web site will almost certainly know about it.
A lot of the older flagship AV gear can be had for cheap since they do not have HDMI hook up. If you can live with component Y/Pb/Pr then you may want to go that route. Going forward the new products like TVs & DVD players are going to have HDMI. It may be of no concern if you are just using the gear for 2 channel.

The JM Lab speakers (Focal) that I have heard were all pretty bright and analytical.
Welcome back, we missed you, but nothing much has changed, except the prices have gone up. But wait, there are now 3D printers that will enable you to make your own cartridges. No need to waste money on a Benz.
My suggestion is go with surround in a box and slowy build up a two channel system you're going to love . Think entry level Tube pre with that Hafler and used tannoy or such.Use your DVD as a music source and look into vinyl . Can get pricey but with some shopping you can start low. I've just upgraded and am totally happy.with my two channel and now tube rolling in my secondary system. Unless your looking into optimizing your gear for critical listening You need not spend a bundle. My secondary consist of a Minimax Pre Onkyo M 504 alison CD9 and use my laptop through a Bard One usb set up (no longer available or suggested) I am looking at a ADL GT40 as a DAC and phono pre for that setup.