Upgrade ?

I have a Pioneer Elite VSX49TX. I am missing the remote to this so I cannot access the Menus. Here is my dilema, I need an amplifier for the current speakers I have. They are 4 ohm and this receiver will shut down due to heat when turned up. I am looking at either an amp and pre combo or just an amp and a new remote for the receiver. I am looking at the Nad Masters series Pre and Amp. Or the Marantz 8003 series. Any other suggestions will be appreciated. I want to keep the cost below 10,000. I am only running 2 channel right now but will be going back to 7 channel in the future.

If it has to be solid state and the budget limit is $10K - go here and enjoy: http://www.mcintoshlabs.com/

They have been around since 1949!!!!