I have a ma6900 intergrated amp with 200 w per channel and was thinking about upgrading to a Mac 400 w per channel and a C22 preamp, very costly upgrade, has anybody gone this route and was it a big improvment in sound? I like the Mac sound I just want more of it.
You don't mention what kind of speakers you have.
My experience with Mac was that, first the power ratings are into 4 ohms, and are therefore a bit deceptive.
What is it that you want 'more of'?
As you correctly point out, it is a large price increase, so the priorities that you put on the 'more of' side are important in this instance.
I too like the sound of Mac, but now realize that some other products, depending on speakers and such, may be better for the money. Nothing against the beloved Mac, just a thought.
I spent three days at the Mac Labs some time back, and have nothing but the greatest respect for the people there, yet...careful examination of motive here is important for such a cash outlay.