Updating a 1991 Sony ES receiver

Hello all,

My first post to this group. I had dreams of being an audiophile when I was in college a quarter century ago, but since then, life has gotten in the way. Anyway, in 1991, I purchased a Sony GX67ES receiver, that has "ProLogic" Dolby, along with a pair of Energy 5.1e tower speakers, and a Paradigm center channel speaker (no rear speakers). Lately, the receiver has been acting up by suddenly shutting off after being used for an hour or so (a "P" light comes on, and the only way to reset the receiver is to power it off, then back on). I have a feeling it's time for a new receiver. Since I obviously haven't been in the market for a receiver for a while, I was wondering what would be a good replacement in the $400-$600 range? We listen to a range of CD's (jazz, rock, classical), and watch DVD's, and will be upgrading to BluRay probably in another year. I thought that DVD's with the ProLogic Dolby sounded fine, which probably means my audiophile standards have slipped over the years. :) It also would be nice if the new receiver had a phono input, but it seems I'm only seeing these on the more expensive receivers. Thanks in advance.
Even if you purchase an HT receiver in your proposed price range, you can always add an external phono preamp later.
Onkyo TX-SR606 or a TX-SR706 would be my choice. Excellent sound and has all the updated HD audio codecs. Great reviews also...
I agree with Mofi on the Onkyo, but I would stretch my budget another $100 or so and go for the TX-SR806. Onkyo went the extra step and built an audiophile grade amplifier in the receiver.

Some links:

Onkyo 806 specifications

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Have you taken the cover off and blown out the dust... ever?
The most likely problem causing overheating is dust inside the receiver. Check it out.
Best to get a can of air (for dusting computer stuff)
Personally, I like Denon or Newer Sony ES over Onkyo. Dolby pro logic II is a much improved feature over old DPL. Keep in you budget a new center channel. If you can match your center to the R&L, it will make a world of difference.
Elizabeth - Yes, I've been wondering about dust. Maybe I'll invest in a can of compressed air first! Not as much fun as a new receiver, though.

Others - I know Consumer Reports is sneered upon by most audiophiles, but they ranked the Yamaha RX-V663 and the Sony STR-DG820 over the Onkyo TX-SR606. However, it's hard to know exactly how each component scored. Maybe the tuner tested higher/lower than the amp. In my case, I listen more to CD's than FM. But anyway, considering my aging ears, is it safe to shop for features as much as sound? These days, it is hard to test a receiver for sound. My choices are Circuit City, Best Buy, Fry's, online sites, or the one remaining audiophile store in Houston (Audio Concepts) which sells NAD at the lower end. The Yamahas tend to get good reviews overall, but the Onkyos tend to get higher marks for user friendliness. For features, I like the consumer level Sony. How much have audio products improved over the last 17 years? Can a higher end comsumer level receiver equal a 1991 Sony ES? Thanks again for everyone's help!
Been very happy with the Sony STR-DA 3000 ES.Can't comment on the phono section,haven't used it-mostly HT/music on CD/DVD.Repairing older units can be expensive,as I found out.Bought a DVP-9000ES to start outoff the Gon.Had some freezing up when I got it,but functioned-couldn't get the digital out "on".Finally took it to an authorized repair,bench fee was $45.Came back that it needed about $750 to put back in good working order.
However,this didn't keep me from purchasing the NS 9100ES player.Have had good luck with Sony in sound and reliability (when bought new from authorized dealer).