Updated Crossovers for Apogee Stages

Does anyone know a source that makes updated Apogee Stage speaker crossovers? The two I’m familiar with have gone out of business. Mine are roughly 20 years old and before I give them to my son I’d like to update that function if possible. 
Can you say which capacitors you replaced and with what?
Hey OP,

One thing to be aware of is that modern film caps have a lot lower ESR than they used to. With so many caps in parallel, it may be worthwhile to measure the ESR of the original assembly (I see 4 or more caps in parallel) and make sure you replace with equivalent ESR, or add R as needed.

You can use Dayton DATS or a jig for Room EQ Wizard to do this.

They used to believe that ESR was a big contributor to the sonic characteristic of capacitors, but that's been pretty much disproven. Whatever the reason it isn't there.


Thanks E. Good suggestion. I did this update a year ago but I’ll remember this if I get the bug to take the update even further. So far my son still loves my 15 ohm Chartwell LS3/5A’s with his AudioNote kit tubes so my Apogees are still with me. 
Danny Richie at GR Research (a x/o design expert) will replicate the stock x/o with upgraded parts. He’ll send them to you, and you can do the soldering or have a local technician do it for you. Watch his GRR Tech Talk Tuesday videos on YouTube for examples of his x/o upgrades.
Thanks bpd24. I’ve seen DR’s videos on YouTube but I didn’t know he also did x/o updates for speakers he didn’t have in his workshop to measure. But if he’d just provide the upgraded parts that would be great. Thanks again!