Update on Teres 340 Speed Stability Problem

I wasn't sure whether to update my original thread entitled " Need Help with Motor/Battery for Teres 340" 
or start another thread with the final answer (I think)

First [email protected] has been very helpful in trouble shooting the issues. Some answers about the lights on the motor are found in the previous thread. The speed problem apparently is correctly diagnosed in the manual itself. It was mechanical.The fix involved removing the platter and the bearing. Remove the old bearing oil (ATF) with a syringe (without needle). Remove and inspect the thrust plate. This was only accomplished with the use of  duct tape on the eraser end of a pencil (as described in manual). Thrust plate was good.
Make sure there is some oil under the thrust plate. Install thrust plate, again, using duct tape on end of pencil. Fill bearing resevoir with 3.8 ml of oil (synthetic ATF) FWIW, I went to my oil change station and asked for 1 oz of ATF. They were happy to oblige. Install the bearing and allow it proper time to seat. The manual says 4-6 hrs. But mine was seated in 10-15 minutes. This could be because the manual says to use 30 weight oil. Chris said ATF was fine to use. I believe the lower viscosity of the ATF may have allowed the bearing to seat quicker. I'll note also that ATF is what I removed from the bearing also. I still allowed it time overnight to seat 

I also lubed the top bearing of the motor. This was done again, using a syringe with the needle so as to get into the motor housing at the shaft.
I played 3 records this morning. I can tell a definite difference in the looseness of the motor (It spins easier). Also when I turn off the motor after playing a record, the platter turns for quite a bit longer than it did previous to this maintenance. I'll also note that I made some new holographic Mylar belts and installed a new one. The 3 records I played all sounded good. No speed stability issues whatsoever. The biggest problem I had was to quit listening and do some work. Yuk.

BTW, The A&M Audiophile version of Supertramp's  "Crime of the Century"  sounded superb this morning.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful info for the Teres owners. Great table