Update on my Rega or Marantz ??'s

Thanks for the input, I had choices down to PM6004(599.00) and the Rega Brio R(895.00) I had to go for the cheaper option as I needed some new chairs for my kitchen table.

Got the Marantz and after a week of listening I'm very satisfied. It sounds much better than the PSAudio it replaced. I tend to like super quiet equipment and this amp is dead silent in operation, no humms or buzzes.

Rega would have been great but I had to save some money, I don't feel short changed with this Marantz at all.
Congrats on that amp purchase. I haven't given Marantz any thought for a long time until I read last yrs Absolute Sounds review of the SA-8004 SACD player. I saved & saved a long time for it. I've had it a week now and it's got a killer sound. Just like they said it would. Of course a quality interconnect is a must. It sounds a whole lot better than the Yamaha CD-S700 I replaced it with. Btw, it's for sale. I'll post it sooner or later. Your like me, I prefer dead quiet backgrounds. But I run C-J tubes and though it has a little hiss, it's marginal. Still sounds great and they make the new SACD player sound the way a big orchestra should sound like. Good day!