Update on Dynaudio Contour 3.4 LE

I am considering purchasing this speaker. As I read the comments on Audiogon and elsewhere, I notice most of them are somewhat dated. I would loved to hear updated views on this speaker. I have been very pleased with a pair of Excites that I have in my study. I'm looking at the 3.4's for a music only listening room. I really like the Dynaudio sound and spent most of a recent day auditioning the 3.4's along with the stand mounted Contours as well as a PSB floor stander.  I kept going back to the 3.4's.  One side note, I currently have the Magnepan 1.7's. Love them but they just don't have the bass slam so I have been considering a traditional cabinet speaker.  I listen to a lot of Americana, folk rock, country rock etc. Really all types of music.

Would very much appreciate your thoughts and opinions.  Thanks

Before spending $7K on the 3.4s, you might see if you can listen to a pair of Legacy Audio Signature SE.  I had a chance to have a two week in home audition with them, and from your list of music, they might be ideal, IMO.  I recently heard the Dynaudio at a shop in Austin, and no way does it compete with the Legacy.


System Type: 5 driver, 4 way Tweeter: Dual Air Motion Tweeter System- 1" AMT super tweeter, Kimber silver HF wire Midrange: Dual Air Motion Tweeter System- 4" AMT tweeter Midwoofer: (1) 7" Silver Graphite, cast frame Subwoofer: (2) 10" spun aluminum diaphragm, rubber surround, long throw suspension with cast frame Low Frequency Alignment: Sealed, adjustable damping Freq. Response (Hz, +/-2dB): 22-30K Impedance: 4 Ohm Sensitivity: (Room, dB@ 2.83V) 92 dB Recommended Amplification: 10 - 300 Watts Crossover: 180, 2.8K, 8K Binding Posts: 2 Pair Dimensions HxWxD (inches): 48 x 12 x 13.75 Weight: 106 lbs each
I have never heard a bad sound from any Dyn product. But I'm sure you know the new Contour C20-C30 and C60 are just hitting the states. Might want to wait until you can hear them before making a decision. They have been totally redesigned from the ground up. The reviews so far are very good but I have not heard them. I've heard the 3.4LE's and they are very nice but a little laid back compared to some of the other Dyn models. I owned the C1's and Sig's for about 5 years and they too are considered a little laid back but my favorites. I have a gut feeling the new C series may be more aggressive but it's something you should hear for yourself before making a decision.

Good Luck
I have never heard a bad sound from any Dyn product. But I’m sure you know the new Contour C20-C30 and C60 are just hitting the states. Might want to wait until you can hear them before making a decision
This could also mean that the Contour 3.4’s will start being discounted as close outs. That’s how I bought my Focus 260’s brand new at an amazing discount. Could be good to know.
Agree...new is not always better and sometimes it's advantages not to be an early adopter.  Curious as to thoughts on the Contour S3.4LE as well.
Thanks very much for the comments. I should have added that I can get a floor model of the 3.4's for around 6K which is intriguing. I will definitely try out the Legacy's. 

Mtrot, was your demo in Austin at Audio Systems?

xti16, do you know the price on the c30 and the c60?

@puppyt  -- Here you go

Dynaudio Contour Retail Pricing (Standard Finishes), USA:

Contour 20: $5,000/pair
Contour 30: $7,500/pair
Contour 60: $10,000/pair
Contour 25C: $3,500/each
Further update.

i was able to listen to the Contour 3.4 LE and the C30 side by side. I listened to a variety of music types and really had a chance to compare. Also auditioned a PSB floorstsnder as well. From my standpoint,  both Dynaudio's sounded great with the C30 playing a bit louder and more forward. I was highly tempted to buy the C30's that cost $7,500 new, but was able to get the used 3.4LE's for $5,900 in the bubinga finish. I am very happy with my decision.  I thought the C30's were great but not $1,500 better.  I was not able to audition the Legacy's as suggested above because I don't live close to a dealer. Again, very happy with the purchase.
Congrats puppyt
What matters most is what you prefer as far as sound quality. I heard the 3.4LE's when they first came out and was impressed. I haven't heard the C30 yet. But the fact they are more forward would not be to my liking. But I know others where that more forward sound is what they prefer.

I'm sure you will have many years of listening pleasure
Enjoy!  I also just purchased the 3.4 LE.  Will use them with a Belles Soloist 1 integrated amp and Cardas Cross cables.  Can't wait to get them setup.  Keep us posted puppyt.

xti16...have learned lots from you regarding the Dyns.  Thanks!

@carmenc You are most welcome. Over at www.avsforum.com. There is a Dynaudio owners thread. There are a lot of die hard Dyn owners posting there. Some good experiences/tips regarding amps and sources that mate well with Dyn’s. I’m OctaDyn_Dude. I don’t post as often as I used to because I went in a different direction (Raidho). But if it wasn’t for Dyn’s I probably wouldn’t love audio as much as I do.
@xti16 ...thanks much.  I've been on that site!  I bought my 3.4s from Rhett.  Tyler has helped lots too and been kind enough to hold them at his new store till I can find time to break away to pick them up.

I've been a Belles fan and was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is great synergy between the Belles and Dyns.  Cardas seems to work well too.  Can't wait to put it all together!  Take care.....

@carmenc -- Those are the 3.4's I listened to. Yeah Rhett and are friends but don't tell anyone..LOL All kidding aside he is a great guy and friend. Tyler is a great guy too. I've been working with him for over 10 years. Can't think of a better dealer to have for audio.

Did you know David Belles uses Dyn's to voice his speakers? Great choice.

If you want to meet up shoot me a pm and I'll meet you at Tyler's shop when you pick up the 3.4's
@xti16 ...Will do.  Have a good Thanksgiving!  Regards.....

Has anyone heard the Contour 5.4 with a SS amp?