Update Merlin TSM-Speaker Cables please

Could anyone give further experiences since Chris (Blue Bull) initiated the thread in November? I know what Bobby recommends, but am looking for others' experience with cables other than Au 24 or Cardas. Not so easy to find used Cardas Golden Reference single wire on A'gon!
I've used Analyis Plus on my VSM-MMs. Certainly I enjoy the results, and Bobby didn't have a *problem* with my using them...
I am using a double run of Kimber 8TC with my TSM's with very good results - haven't really done any serious comparisons, though.
spencer bank told me about signal cable he got for a friend and i have it here and am breaking it in now. very promising thus far.
Which Signal cable? 13 AWG, 10 AWG, single run, double run single or internal bi-wire?
i have the 10 and 13 single run.
use it with my jumpers.

Very interested in your comments after you are done.

I needed a long run for my Merlin VSMs and couldn't afford the Audience or Cardas at that length so I tried out both the Signal and River Cable Flexgy 6. The Signal cable is more neutral and slightly more extended at the top but I love the sound of the Flexgy. More euphonic. Sort of like the difference between good SS and Tubes. Try them out. They are both very affordable and great cables and will give Cardas and Audience a run for their money.
I am not familiar with Merlin speakers. There is just no dealers in my area. I would love to hear a pair. From everything I have heard they sound like they are terrific.

So take my speaker cable suggestion with a grain of salt. But the Anti-cables by Paul Speltz are amazing. I know our audiophile brain says, for the money they can't be good, but they are. They are great. They replaced my old Audioquests that were $600 Canadian.

There is a review (other than consumer) online now:

For the price you have nothing to loose. Give them a try, I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

There are plently of posts about them on Audiogon and Audioasylum.

Also, sorry for the rave, but I just can't keep in how much I love them.

Happy Listening,
I read the posts and review. Hard to argue with this - cost a fraction of the competition - cant really lose much except a few bucks. After all that, I need to hear them, if not on Merlins, then on my other speakers. Thanks for the suggestion; always willing to try something that wont break the bank and teach me something new............maybe even put Stealth Indras and PAD Dominus in a new perspective.
Bobby, any impressions yet on the Signal with the Merlins.