Update from EMM XDS1 to XDS1 V2

It is my understanding that the new MDAT2 upgrade is not available for the
"Non current" EMM XDS1. Does that mean that the MDAT2 is more than a firmware upgrade? If I really won't be using USB digital input, is it worth the
$4000 upgrade fee to get the MDAT2? Seems like loyal owners of the $25,000 list XDS1 are not being treated quite correctly?
I meant to say the free upgrade to the new MDAT2 is not available to original owners of the XDS1. Sorry for the confusion.
I am in the same boat - Brian. It's a 25 grand SACD player that gets zero updates for almost 2 years now.

I have an older Synology NAS that cost less than 1/25th of that - and superseded by 4 new models that I still get firmware updates for that improves the performance and adds new functionality that really puts EMM to shame.
I'm sorry you find yourself in the same position, Doggiehowser. I like to think of myself as a fair minded person. I remember calling EMM about 20 months ago when I was told no software upgrades are available for our units, but future upgrades would be available via download as available....apparently not:(....despite our most considerable investments. Do you know whether any HARDWARE changes are necessary for MDAT2 upgrade to original XDS1 units? Any other XDS1 owners may certainly chime in....thanks
I thought the DAC2X and the TSDX were basically the same as the XDS v1 split into two boxes so I don't really know if it is really a hardware update on MDAT2
Don't people who spend $25,000 on a CD player just go out and buy a new unit and not worry about upgrades?
Thanks for your understanding, Brf.

But no. I saved up for the XDS-1 because it did provide a noticeable jump over my previous DACs. And I would have expected better support.

FWIW I have been listening to the PerfectWave DirectStream recently and I really like PS Audio's track record with supporting owners with the previous gen.
The XDs1 v2 and the DAC2x have the same DAC component, and both have had updates last year to MDAT2. I suspect the XDS1 v1 DAC is not able per-se to take the new firmware, but I don't know this for a fact.
I think the new DA2 is a new hardware.

Not the XDS1/XDS1v2/DAC2X
I paid for the upgrade from V1 to V2, and I'm glad I did. EMM is to be commended for giving owners the opportunity to take an older design and upgrade it to flagship status.
How much did u have to pay for it?
Thanks. I have called my dealer (I am out of US) for a few years now but there's no news from them.
No need to get your dealer involved. Just call EMM in Canada and they will set you up.
I emailed them a while back and they said to get in touch with my dealer.
I would call and ask for Devin.
I don't know how long i will be put on hold on an international call. My email was responded to by someone quite senior - Shahin? or something
I've owned 3 EMM products which I bought from a very reputable dealer, but I've always worked directly with EMM for repairs and upgrades.
I think being outside of continental Americas, you are expected to count on yr dealer
This kind of thing does not surprise me from EMM. It sounds like the promised updates are a figment of everyone's imagination -- especially EMM's. Just more marketing to get the hook in your pocket.