Upcoming source models in the Denon pipeline

Found some interesting, mouth-watering information while surfing the net this evening. Looks like it's going to be one heck of a busy fall/winter for the AV-phile. There's a model for every price point, although the model numbers and colors may change by the time the products hit the American shores.

Denon new pure digital flagship D-1, followed by
Denon DVD-5910, then
Denon DVD-3910, Denon DVD-3910, then
Denon DVD-2910, then perhaps
Denon DVD-2210 (rumor), then
Denon DVD-1710

Onkyo DV-CP802
Integra DPC-8.5
Integra DPC-7.5
Onkyo TX-NR1000
Integra DPS-10.5
Integra DTR-10.5
Integra Research RDV-1.1

New Yamaha model to replace the Yamaha DVD-S2300 MKII

New universal player from NAD to be introduced at CEDIA

So on and so forth...Hang on to your money!
You left out the DVD-1910. ;-)
Thanks Kal.
More link Audioholics' article on Denon new models
Denon DVD-3910 will be arriving at retail stores around August 31st in case you're interested.
Too bad Denon can't give us another transport like the