Up to $4500 burning a hole in my pocket

I recently sold my last 2 sets of speakers. I am redoing my man cave and will take the speaker proceeds to buy a new set for down there. I want to go floorstander this time, something with killer dynamics but still detailed and musical. Whatever has to have great sock you in the gut mid bass.
For amplification I have odyssey stratos extreme with Jolida Fusion Preamp. Also sometimes run Cayin A100T. Have a JL Fathom for the low low end.
The room is about 13x20 10ft ceilings. 
This is a no wife input zone so I will be doing whatever regarding looks of the speakers and room treatments that I want. 
Speakers will go on the short wall. 
There is a local guy selling Klipsch Chorus 2 with upgraded Crites crossovers and tweeter I want to take a look at. These seem to hold their value decently and I could probably break even if I sell them. Not sure I will like them but the retro look is kinda cool and I am sure they go loud but need to be somewhat refined ans detailed as well.
Only other contender so far is really the Tekton Double Impact. These really intrigue me as to if they really are as good as some say. No dealers so demo is out and I would rather buy used and these are too new for that. Only other floorstander I have owned for a while is the GE Triton 1. While very nice I want to try something different. Any suggestions on what else I should be looking at and my current candidates?

I have heard the Double Impacts with two audio reviewers and they are amazing! You cannot do better for the money. If they were a traditional audio brand they would be $30.000 at least! If you have the room for such large speakers don't think twice.  We were shaking your head at how good they are for so little money. 
thanks for the feedback couple questions for you. 
Do you think the room I described would be too small?
What speakers do you think these would compare to in the 30k range. You can get some Revel Salon 2 for way under that and they are Very good.
The music I listen to is not the standard audiophile fare. More rock, metal, bluegrass, some acoustic Alice In Chains. Did you demo with anything similar to this?
Are you ordering a pair?

Check out the Wilson Witt Series II on the bay I could make you a good deal on. I need zip for shipping.
Check out the Wilson Witt Series II on the bay I could make you a good deal on. 

I'm kind of on a budget. Is there a Wilson Half Witt available?

For $4500 a Vandersteen unless a model 5 should not be a consideration. The 3A would be a downgrade IMO from a GE Triton One. Consider a KEF 205/2, $4500 might not be enough but desperate sellers exit! Except for the bottom octave the 205/2 is near reference level. In the future you could consider a subwoofer but it better be refetence level to blend with the superb mid/treble of the 205/2. With a modest footprint and easy placement this speaker is a no brainer!
Careful @geoffkait , I resemble that remark. 

@mofojo since you are inclined to buy used, if you go with a very established brand with a long track record, you will have little risk and consider any purchase as a sort of long term home demo, because depreciation would be small. Stuff from Vandersteen, Magnepan or Wilson would all fall in that category. 

Since you have the awesome JL sub and you are a rocker, that will help alleviate the problem that so many $5-$10k speakers have, which is that when forced to choose what compromises to make to stay in budget, is to sacrifice low end and/or dynamics. You've got that covered, so you will be ahead of the game no matter what you choose in that respect. 

Anyway, if you appreciate the speed and dynamics of electrostatics, Maggie 3.7s are a good option. I've heard Maggies & subs before and while not the easiest to setup for good integration, it's do-able and worth the effort. Vandersteen, Audio Physic, Monitor Audio are other contenders that lean towards what you describe.

IMHO, Klipsch can play loud but lack the finesse of most of those suggested to you. Haven't heard the Tektons, but I would need to be convinced of the staying power of the company and the risk of them losing too much value if I decided to go in a different direction. Cheers,

"I'm kind of on a budget. Is there a Wilson Half Witt available?"

@geoffkait - If he opted for the Half-Witt, he would be obligated to spend the other half of the budget on small bags of glass 'tuning' rocks and of course a small 1970's LED clock. 

I used to have a pair of kef 201/2 and while they were excellent I thought they were harsh when playing rock/metal. The triton 1s were acceptable for this. The Kef was wonderful however at Bluegrass and vocals. Detailed as all get out. 
I never have really heard of a Vandersteen as being a high impact speaker but I could be wrong.
Gonna go check out the Klipsch tonight after work. 
What I find lacking in most speakers is the mid bass impact. I think that's one of the most important aspects of getting rock/metal right. 
Thanks for the suggestions. 
Try to save up for Sonus Faber's (electra amators) or Eggleston (Andra's).  You will be blown away at the loveliness of the sound coming
out of speakers like these.  Of course at the same time I am also recommending highly rated sources and amplification to go with them.  For example, there's two Rowland Consonance preamps (w/phono) for sale right now and you may never need another preamp.
Whatever you decide, don't get hung up on floor-standers vs
stand-mounted speakers.  Great speakers on a well-designed stand
are better than a big speaker with wooly bass. 


add Thiel CS 2.4 or CS 2.7 loudspeakers to your list.
Happy Listening!
ProAc Studio 148 with Soundocity SEV9 outriggers. Love mine. Check my system info. The exchange rate is good now and you might be able to get a new set for $3000...

Very clean sounding speakers, accurate highs with ProAc famous mid and controlled bass with downward firing flexible placement port.  Outriggers make it a much more stable slim floor stander...
Vandersteen, Proac, Tannoy or Thiel!  Get the best you can afford for your budget.  Regards......


I know; too easy. Teed up, just sitting there. Couldn't resist. ;-D

Well mofojo 

First I must commend you on not being concerned about the dreaded "wife input" which in my experience seems to never be resolved. 

Since that hurdle has been crossed you are a free ( except of alimony payments ) to choose the perfect speaker, within your somewhat limited budget.

Be patient with persistent and somewhat annoying questions regarding you music tastes, that one is much to personal, Eric will surely mention room treatments, which I personally loath and many others. 

Well good luck. 
I would recommend looking at the new Elac Adante speakers designed by audio legend Andrew Jones of TAD fame among others. They are doing some amazing things, especially considering the budget. I heard the lower end speakers at RMAF 2016 and couldn’t believe the sound for the money. The Adante line that was debuted at CES are apparently stunning. They are not out until next quarter but that is only a few months away if you can wait.
Well I bought the Klipsch Chirus 2 last night. They may not be perfect but they are really fun and everything sounds good on them. Pretty detailed and very dynamic and definitely have that punch you in the gut factor. I think they are really good looking with new veneer. Had some Klipsch RF7 in the past and like they way better. Anyway it's a pretty safe bet as I can get my money back on these when and if I decide to go another direction.

@geoffkait  - Nothing personal, all good bro.

@mofojo  - For those about to rock, we salute you..

@geoffkait - Nothing personal, all good bro.

Time will tell. Bro.


@geoffkait  -

Lighten up Francis.

Sounds like you may need to engage the Teleportation Tweak and seek the harmony of the Quantum Temple Bell grasshoppah.   Ah-ummm..

geoffkait, that's the best 'audio pun' I've seen used here in the entire time I've lurked and posted here @AK....kudos, sir. ;)

...maybe 2 half Witts would make a hole, but only in one's wallet...and then there's living with some half Witts.  It's hard enough to deal with them elsewhere, WIH would you want to live with them? *L*

I'll go away, now....*smirk*
geoffkait, that’s the best ’audio pun’ I’ve seen used here in the entire time I’ve lurked and posted here @AK....kudos, sir. ;)

Whoa! Hey, you mean this isn’t AA?


@geoffkait -

Lighten up Francis.

Sounds like you may need to engage the Teleportation Tweak and seek the harmony of the Quantum Temple Bell grasshoppah. Ah-ummm..

Wow! That is clever!

 Sorry for the late response, it has been a long week. I do not know if the speakers would work in your room. You should call the manufacture. I am not buying the speakers because I am not in the market for speakers and have Beveridge  electrostats and listen primarily to classical and jazz. There is no doubt in my mind the speaker we do very well with more popular music.  One of the reviewer's will be buying the speakers though. Bob 
If you don't care about the size, there is a pair of Vapor Audio Nimbus Black speakers on A'gon that are being sold for $8000.  They have a 15" woofer that is clean, dynamic and can play loud.  Talk about jump factor.  The speaker also features 2 very good midrange drivers, and a Raal ribbon tweeter.   Doug Schroeder reviewed them on Dagogo 2 years ago and was so impressed he bought the pair.  They are in like new condition and contain the most labor work on a cabinet you are likely to see.  They are a beautiful red merlot with black fiber top and back.  I am only a very impressed admirer of Vapor Audio speakers. The pair are located in New Jersey.  They are over 230 lbs. each.  It's a lot of speaker for the money and great sounding at most any price.  By the way, I have VMPS RM40 speakers which are also great for the money.   The cabinet construction of VMPS speakers pales compared to Vapor.
I would go to the Montana audio site and check them out they are truly world class speakers 
Thanks for the suggestions guys, girls, trannys, or whatever. I'm liking the Chorus 2 very much so far. I'm hopefully going to hear some Tekton Double Impact next month when I am in Detroit on bussiness for a few days. I am very happy at the moment but suggestions still welcome. I think I am sold on sensitivity having the jump factor I am craving as well as mid bass impact and quickness. 

thank you for the recomendation,  prior in this thread I posted a link to our Liberty Audio XvoX Speakers.  Liberty Audio is our Direct to the consumer line so pricing is very competitive.

Good Listening


Since you've got the low end covered, at least audition electrostatics. Martin Logan has the widest model range. I owned Inner Sound Eros and lost my listening room and sold. Haven't come close since. 
Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S replaced my Klipsch RF-5's that I had upgraded . A friend heard these and commented that speakers aren't supposed to sound This Good . Personally , in 50 years I've not heard more satisfying speakers . No subs needed , IMO .
For my money I would look for a pair of Legacy Audio. I have a set of Focus SE's that replaced a set of Klipsch RF-7II. The Klips were only in use for about 5 months when I put them back in their boxes and put them in my store room at work. The Legacy's are the smoothest speaker I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I am extremely happy with the performance of Legacy and would recommend them to anyone in the market for a "high end" speaker.
If you have the space, go listen to a pair of Martin Logan’s (Spire or Montis).

Your system would sound really sweet through them.

They do require to be placed at least 3’ from the back and side walls though.
I own the Tekton Design Double Impacts, and they are superb speakers. Far more capable than the Legacy speakers they replaced. Their midrange is almost eerie in it's ability to reproduce live recordings, and their bass control is spectacular. I'm using an Musical Fidelity M6500 integrated to power them, and an Yggdrasil dac as source. I've been listening to the Steven Wilson remixes of Yes, ELP and Tull on them lately, and I'm always stunned by what I hear. Give'em a try: www.tektondesign.com
That's what gets me is if you look at the majority of the super rave Tekton posts they are from people who just have a few posts or just one as above. Seems kinda suspicerous. Yup spelled that wrong on purpose. I am however intrigued and will hopefully hear them next month. If they are that good I will probably sell the Klipsch. 
I second CB5300, I've got a pair of Legacy's and they are about the biggest bang for buck speaker around! Especially used. I stole these I've got, (Focus 20/20 w rosewood finish) for $2400. 185 lbs each! And two 12" woofers, so smooth and real on the top end. But they want a lot of power. 

Other than that, one of the most magical moments I've ever experienced in front of a stereo was with Martin Logan Quests, (it was a long time ago) but still sticks in my mind. Pure stereo nervana! 

and the Klipsch are definitely worth a listen, they too can do some pretty awesome things with very little input. So very realistic mids and highs, tight in the bass, and can go loud! 

But I feel for ya, there are so many speakers out there now days that you could buy used for what you have in your pocket, I'm sure many of them could make you very happy. 
Mofojo, I have been an audiophile for 27 years. If you don't want my input, so be it. Tekton speakers are on a whole 'nother level than Klipsch or GE. Read their reviews......
Sorry if I came off as a dick. I have just noticed that there are a whole lot of (but not all of) the rave Tekton reviews with 0 to very little previous posts. That does not make them fake it just raises my suspicion a little. I will hopefully hear the Double Impacts next month and I hope they are that good and I will buy them and sell the Klipsch.   

definately give the Double Impacts a listen. I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised. I've had mine for five months now and love them. I had the Legacy Audio Focus SE's when I recieved my Double Impacts and ended up selling the Legacys. Did I dislike the Legacys? Hell no, they are great speakers. I preferred the more dynamic, live sounding presence of the Tektons. Others will prefer the more "audiophile" sound of the Legacys. Either way, the speakers are more similar than dissimilar.......in other words, they both sound great. At a quarter of the cost of the Legacys the Double Impacts are hard to pass up. Btw, I'm in the Detroit area and you're more than welcome to hear my Double Impacts with a 24 watt Decware Torii amp should you wish. 
               There are a couple of pairs of Double Impacts in Northwest Indiana (basically a suburb of Chicago) and I am sure you could hear them there also. It is quite interesting that as the main line manufacturers of audio gear cater more to the carriage trade that there is more incredible gear at affordable prices with outstanding performance. Brands like Linear Tube (microZOTL2), Line Magnetics, and these Double Impacts have turned Audio upside down. There are many more amazing bargains I'm sure. We were laughing trying to guess what the Double Impacts would sell for if they had a big name on their nameplate. The lowest guess was 30K! I hope that the Double Impacts are at Axpona.

I actually have heard these speakers. Sound really nice on a lot of music. Not really my cup of tea all around however. Owned the F30 for a short while as well. Think I preferred those to the 208 overall, although did not hear in the same room with same electronics. Softer well recorded rock like Dire Straights for example sounded phenominal on both, probably better on the 208. Pantera, Metallica, Pig Destroyer not so much but better on the F30.