Up great MMF-9

Hello everyone,

I already have a turntable Music Hall MMF-9 for a while , and now I'm been thinking to upgrade my TT. The option with Music Hall has not wide open as other brands which I didn't realize before I brought about upgrading.. I found that my Tone arm can not adjust VTA and seems really limited upgrading for wiring cable and tonearm cable. .. Would anyone please give me an idea how can make it better or should I change the tonearm? BTW, the tomearm comes with MMF-9 is Project Carbon.. Please help me out.

There are two screws on the base of the arm that will allow you to adjust VTA on the Project-9C arm. Go to www.vinylengine.com and download the manual for the arm - it will show you how. Can't help you with the wiring issue but there are several people over at Vinyl Asylum who have re-wired Pro-Ject arms.
You can adjust the VTA on the Project Carbon arm. This may be accomplished by loosening the two (2) Allen screws on the back of the pillar that supports the tonearm. Instructions for doing so are contained on page 11 of the instruction manual that came with the TT.
Thank you very much you guys.