Up grading speaker help

Hello, I currently own a pair of Paradigm Reference studio 60s. I can upgrade them with 100% of my money towards a more expensive set. I am considering the Paradigm 100s or the B&W CDM 7. Both speakers would cost me about $800 to upgrade to. Any suggestions on which way I should I go? I listen to only CD through a Cary 308 CDP and a Cary SLI 80 integrated tube amp. I use Virtual Dynamics cabling.
you should go with the ones that sound better to you
Go for Studio 100...forget the B&W....
As a former owner of CDM7SE's, I think that this move would be lateral, as opposed to an upgrade. You may gain a touch of midrange detail and refinement, at the cost of slightly bright highs. I love the 100's, but they love power, and your SLI-80 may not cut it in a med to large room. If you are not dead-set on floorstanders, listen to a pair of N805's - may be just what you're looking for. Good luck.