Up gradeing JTR 215RT or La Scala AL5

Hi . I'm thinking about up grading from what I have to the 215RT JTR or the La Scala AL5, pretty close to the same cost.My theater is 17x28, Bass traps in corners and absorption panels 25% up the walls. I have atmos set up and I have an anthem AVM60 and anthem amplifiers.For sub-woofers I one S2 and two 118HT JTR's so bass will not be an issue.I'm 59 years old just had my hearing checked and I have lost a lot of my high end frequency's and have tinnitus. This is one of the reasons to upgrade so I'm okay if these choices are a little bright. I can't demo either one so I'm looking for some direction from someone who has heard both speakers. I listen to all types of music and watch all types of movies. Probably 80% movies, but when I do listen to music I want the clearest audiophile sound I can get. I never go over 95 db so I'm not concerned how loud each speaker plays I just want the clearest cleanest sound between the two speakers. Also if someone has other suggestions under
$15,000.00 for LCR I would love to hear their opinion. Thanks for all your help.

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" Hello....
Check out Youthman review on You Tube on the JTR speakers. VERY IMPRESSIVE. I've heard Scott Newby system in person and its Awesome!"

I have heard Youthman's house HT rig in person and his La Scala LCR mated with quad RSW-15 subs will blow you out of your seat.  Not just loud, but smooth.  I think now he has SVS and testing JTR subs.  

Youthman and I have not hung out in a while so maybe when the smoke(COVID-19) clears I can check the JTR's.