Up grade to Dodson 218 ??

Has anyone heard the new Dodson 218 compared to the old 217 mk11D ?? And is Audio Aero and DCS in the same sonic camp as the Dodson ?? I've got the upgrade bug and need a new dac I have an older YBA2 cd player and am planning to use it as a transport only...what does one do??? thanks for your responses ken
I traded my Dodson 217 MKII for the audiomeca and have been very pleased. Darker background. Big soundstage. Better base. You may want to test one out.
I have yet to hear the Dodson 218, but I suspect from what I have heard from those who have heard that you should definitely get one. I guess it is the oversampling king!
Unfortunately, the 217 can't be upgraded to a 218.
Actually, I need to correct that. There is an upgrade, just made available. It is mainly software, a trickle-down from the 218 project. Ralph Dodson says it closes the gap between the 217 and the 218 by about 50%. I'm having mine done now and will report back if anyone is interested.
Thanks Drubin. I'm DEFINITELY interested to hear what you think after the upgrade.
It's on it's way back to me. I think the software change is the biggest deal with this upgrade, but it also includes:

-three signal coupling capacitors in the digital input section

-an isolation pulse transformer added to the coax-1input

-some input impedance resistors were changed, and the input ground was changed to further isolate power line irregularities
Thanks again Drubin. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think. By the way - and this can wait - I would also be interested to know what the upgrade costs.
My assessment of the latest upgrade is that it is certainly worthwhile at $400. To me, the Dodson sounds more refined, less mechanical, more analog-like. more involving than before.
Thanks very much Drubin. Did the tonal balance change at all? When you say "more involving" I'm wondering if it has more low level detail, i.e. is more transparent. Thanks again. I appreciate your thoughts.
I had the last Dodson 217 version. I replaced it with the Audio Aero Prima DAC 192K DAC. Audio Aero was more natural, better soundstage, less digital, better bass, better cleaner highs.

I have not heard the latest Dodson, I hear it is significantly better than the older model.