Up grade Sumiko MMT

I have a Sumiko MMT that works fine but am wondering if rewiring it is a good investment or just go with a better arm? It is on a Sota Saphire TT. The rest of the system is "high end" with Wilson WP7's. I have a large record collection but with a daughter at the U of Mich, disposable money is hard to come by. Any experience or suggestions will be appreciated. Denny
Denny based on the details you listed rewiring might not be a bad idea. There are a number of companies who will have cables to rewire the arm. Some of them can get so expensive that it's cheaper to get a new arm though.

Without know how much or little you want to spend it's hard to know what to recommend. There are lots of good arms on the used market.

Before this gets posted you'll probably get a dozen other responses so I don't know how helpful this will be by then. The moderators have to review everything I write as if I were smuggling State secrets! Good luck anyway.
I currently own the same set up and would suggest saving your cash until you can afford a major upgrade from the MMT. The wiring change improvement would probably prove to be incrimental at best. I don't know what cartridge you are using but you would probably achieve a temporary solution via upgrade in this area.
I agree with gpsvcr...save your pennies, and for now go with a better cartridge or a new stylus.

I have a Sota Jewel with a fully modded RB-250. I like the combination a lot. I know another person who loves the Linn Akito arm on their Sapphire.