Unwanted turntable signal

Just back into vinyl with a Rega 25. Table was new and packed for over two years before setup. Set up and am recording through Philips CDR. Have noticed signal on Philips meters while arm is on resting mount. Can only be motor vibration through chassis, right? Any ideas? Thanks.
Can you hear what's indicated on the meters when you monitor the CDR? What does it sound like? (My guess is it's 60 Hz ground hum)
Not a 60hz ground hum as that would be constant. The meters cycle up and down as the platter rotates but it is inaudible. Thanks for repsonse.
Whoa! That's a weird one Celtic. Let's see . . . . . . . . The meters cycle up and down as the platter rotates, and the arm is on its rest correct?

Well, the only way the meters are getting a signal is from the phono cartridge (and not from mechanical motor vibration unless it could somehow be transmitted to the cantilever) so something in/about the rotating platter is generating a low level electrical current in the resting cartridge.

I forget how Rega platters are built. Is it metal (or have a metal sub-platter?) Or is it non metallic but has metal weights countersunk into it from underneath? What I'm driving at is the platter (or parts of it) may have acquired a magnetic polarity from sitting in the same place or position for so long.

See if you can borrow another Rega platter just to compare it to yours. You can always demag your platter using a bulk tape demag unit.

This thread is starting to sound a bit like "Car Talk" ha, ha!
Thanks for the response. The platter is high density acrylic or glass with a felt mat on top so that doesn't work. Maybe something is not getting lubed after sitting for so long. Thanks again for the ideas.