Unwanted radio signal from turntable

I have been plagued by a unwanted AM radio signal that appears when I am using my turntable. While it can't be heard when music is playing it is very annoying to hear a newscaster talking about the latest political scandel inbetween the voices of "Sweet Honey in the Rock".
My system is AR pre, Phonomena phono, Clearaudio turntable. It is in this chain that the problem occurs. The culprit seems to be the interconnect between the turntable and the phono stage. If I disconnect it from the turntable the radio station remains, so not the turntable or ground. If I disconnect it from the phono stage the radio signal disapears. I thought that it was due to a poorly sheilded interconnect (Kimber). I tried a different interconnect and the signal returned, any ideas from the analog gurus on how to deal with this?
You might try a different length of interconnect cable. Do make sure it is a shielded type.
Clean the interconnect connectors and the jacks that they go into using contact cleaner (from Radio shack). In order to hear the RF signal it has to be demodulated, and some corrosion product may be doing it. If you listen closely you may hear a weird audio "soup" of all the AM stations in your area.
It is also possible that it is coming from the internal tonearm wiring. These wires are normally unshielded and can pick up radio stations. Sometimes grounding the tonearm tube can help this, but you have to be very careful not to interfere with the free movement of the arm. Sometimes grounding the metal areas around the bearing or base of the tonearm can work instead. That would be preferable to having any additional wire touching the arm tube.
Reminds me of the Partridge Family episode where Lori Partridge was picking up AM stations in her mouth after getting new Braces on her teeth.

Agaffer most people on Agon complain of getting bad AM reception, so in your case it's like a bonus? :)~

I'm w/ Twl on the Grounding situation, & Eldartford on cleaning the contacts if they are dirty?

Did changing interconnects lessen or strengthen the signal?
I can receive short wave radio stations with my Rega RB300, modified with the Incognito rewiring kit (Cardas). To turn them off: unplug the FM-antenna(s) from your tuner, twist the interconnects from the turntable to the phono amp and take care of proper grounding of your arm/turntable by connecting a ground lead to the phono-amp. This even lowered the noise (hiss) level a lot.
Hope this helps you too. Good luck!
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I have the same problem if my phono section is anywhere near a power cord or transformer,
I get hum and RF (Radio frequency) problems.
Move your phono section around and see what happens.
Thanks everyone for your responses. I switched out the interconnect from the phono stage to the arm and tried using a heavily shielded coax style interconnect from a company called Straightwire. Problem solved. It was the interconnect that was the problem.
Glad you no longer have to listen to a newscaster talking about the latest political scandal in between the voices of "Sweet Honey in the Rock". This can be so distracting, to say the least.
I would still take Audiophanatik advise just as a precaution should you smell any pea soup as your table turns??? Definately not the the turntable you want to play your LP's backwards on to listen to subliminal messages!