Unusual speaker placement

Hello, world, I am in the market for bookshelf speakers. Front ported I guess (or closed?). I am disabled in the legs and I don't have much space in my room, so i'm listening sitting. The speakers will be placed on a floor-standing ikea shelf (the height of the speakers thus will be so that midwoofers are at ear level with me sitting more or less). There is a window behind a part of the shelf so back-ported doesn't work. The amp is rega brio 2017, so nothing too tight. I've been thinking about JMR Bliss Jubiles and Viennas Haydn Grand Symphony most of all. About the JMRs, they have front port below the midwoofer (like the focal Aria 906's I also am considering at a cheaper point), so more or less at my ear lvl. Won't it spoil the sound for me? The Viennas have a smart port configuration that they say eliminates chuffing. There are also sealed speakers but most of them are too tight for the brio and I'm not planning to change it.. also are the drivers in viennas custom? I heard different opinions and some say it's a standard (and even low-level) scan model with a custom spider-mesh, some say fully custom design and materials. Also the twitter, is it developed customly for them with scanspeak (which the website implies) or it is a standard scanspeak model? if yes then which one? I just wanted to consider mostly those speakers which have custom/semicustom drivers, because synergy and often when you see the same standard scan/scanspeak drivers in many different speakers at different pricepoints it gives me doubt. I know a cabinet is important too but still...Sorry for a long and weird post. What would You suggest me to take? Any opinion appreciated!
I suggest forget all technical factors including which side the ports are on and especially irrelevant details like materials and is it custom. (Nothing in this price range is custom. Nothing. Not that it matters.) Focus on sound quality first, efficiency second, and the rest will fall into place. 
In my opinion, especially if you can put them near the corners, a pair of Vandy VLR's are one of the best bookshelf speakers out there.
If within your budget, the CT version.
I own them and find them to be amazing for their size and price.
Vienna Acoustics makes their own mid/woofer cones and I believe have a manufacturer assemble them, I still have a pair of beethovens that use an excellent tweeter, I also had the strauss that was a step above these but all the drivers were outsourced and the tweeter was inferior to these.  Ive heard the bookshelf models and was impressed with how big they sound. Can’t go wrong