Unusual SME configuration


I bought a turntable with an old SME tonearm and there is an adjustment device that I have never seen before. Any idea what is the purpose and how to adjust ?





Device for additional bearing loading?

Dynamic VTF?

Never seen that before. Can you adjust the spring? If yes what happens if you do?

Did you check with previous owner?

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Previous owner think it is for adding a heavy cartridge. But There is also an additionnal conterweight.

For the bearing I'll check.

I have not set it up yet.


being from the era of penny on the headshell era, I take this guess from that mentioned discussion best.

"I was thinking this thing is more of a sophisticated ’penny on headshell’ device. I think it’s there to allow for the low mass SME to accommodate lower compliance MC carts. It seems that instead of applying mass to the headshell, this device applies pressure near the pivot. It may (I’m not sure about this) have a lesser effect on the overall effective mass - yet achieve the same result as the primitive penny solution..."

OP, please let us know what/why when you get the answer. I would add a detail photo and send both to SME, and Mitchell

btw, beautiful TT!

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Thanks everyone. I sent an inquiry both at Michell and SME for instructions if they still have them. Nice pic of the device here:




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Message from Alfred:


That is in no way an SME part.

Get rid of that ridiculous nonsense my friend. "


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