Unusual Room Shape - Placement and Soundlab ?

I have an unsually shaped room. 23 x 27 feet (adobe) and the room is bisected by two 6 foot wide adobe bookshelves with a ten foot opening between the shelves. (removing them is not an option).

| 23 ft |
| |
| |
|-----| |-----|
|-----| |-----| 27 ft
| A |
| |

My drawing didn't come out that well.

Currnetly my front speakers are at A & B (i also have two surround speakers in the back. I am currently using two totem Staaf's for my mains and have Mite in the center and rear.

I use a Philip SACD/DVD player, EAD amp and the Acurus ACT 3 preamp (upgraded).

I have a few questions.

A. Does anyone have other suggested speaker locations for this room?

B. AT some point I would like to purchase a pair of Soundlabs for the space.

Would my ampllifier drive the Soundlabs? and which models, if any of the Soundlabs, would be appropriate for my space? M-3, A-3?

Thanks for the help.
Despite your valiant effort, I'm still not quite able to figure out your room.

Do you have to listen through the 10-foot opening between the bookshelves?

Sound Labs would probably work as well as anything else, provided you can locate 'em out into the room several feet so they can "breathe" and give you good depth of soundstage.

As far as which model, in general the bigger the better. There are of course other considerations, but sadly that's a pretty good ballpark answer for most situations. I'd say that the M-2 may well be the biggest bang-for-the-buck of the lineup; it's not too far off the big full-sized M-1's and retails for over four grand less.

I'm not familiar with EAD amps; can you give a brief description?

If you'd like to give me a call, perhaps I can do a better job over the phone. I think I have too limited an understanding of your situation to do a good job in this reply.

Also, let me know where you're located, as perhaps I can put you in touch with a local dealer who can readily give you an audition.

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